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Sofie Hagen: Fat Jokes (2022)

The poster for Sofie Hagen: Fat Jokes

How do you make a poster that says 'comedy' and 'fat' without the fatness being the punchline? That was how I started my email to Matt Crockett. We spent weeks looking at photos of fat bodies - and it was extraordinary how fat bodies were almost exclusively being portrayed as 'too much', 'grotesque' or the punchline. In the end, we decided to fill the poster with my face. Take up the entire space, like we're never meant to do. Have double-chins, like we're never meant to have. But also look glorious and in control. It's unapologetic. I really like it. It's everything 16 year old me would have hated.

Haiminh Le
Matt Crockett
Sofie Hagen
Make-up Artist
Shari Rendle
Sofie Hagen: Fat Jokes

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