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Joz Norris: Blink (2022)

The poster for Joz Norris: Blink

"Blink" is a show in which the performer has abandoned comedy and embraced their new life as the world's greatest showbiz magician. The poster was designed to evoke the sleek, high-status branding around classic cheesy bombastic magic shows by performers like David Copperfield or Dynamo, with a cracked, shattered texture to suggest the way that facade fragments and falls apart over the course of the show. The colour scheme of the poster matches the colour scheme of the show - stark blacks, reds and whites like a deck of cards. The photo has fun with the show's focus on the concept of blinking by painting eyes onto the performer's closed eyes, creating an unnerving, eye-catching and slightly uncanny aspect to the central character. The photo was lit and composed to suggest that the magician is literally conjuring the title of the show between his hands, casting light up at his face. The third hand sneaking a card into the magician's pocket both suggests the odd, cartoonish, surreal quality of the show while also hinting at the idea that the magician may not be as competent and impressive as he claims.

Sam Nicoresti
Miranda Holms
Joz Norris
Joz Norris: Blink

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