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2 Mouthed Men (2022)

The poster for 2 Mouthed Men

The main aim with this concept was to capture as much personality as possible from James and Daniel. Not only were we trying to illustrate that this was both a music and comedy show, but we also wanted to establish that these two bois are great friends with a wacky and fun-loving relationship.

We first took inspiration from buddy-style film posters like Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Our photographer Stefan was pivotal in extracting these facial expressions from James and Daniel. On many occasions throughout the shoot, Stefan would call out commands which the bois had to respond towards. For example, he would create a situation where they're looking 'towards a volcano that's just erupted' or they're an 'action hero approaching the camera while explosions happen behind you'. This direction truly helped embody the zany and nonsensical nature of the 2 Mouthed Men comedy show.

Secondly, our general artwork style was largely inspired by drag queen Trixie Mattel's tour posters. Using a blend of bright coloured backgrounds and unique patterns helped us create a striking and eye catching image that would be immediately noticed on the streets of Edinburgh. The zig saggy pattern was perfect as it provides more depth to the artwork, leading your eye to the centre where James and Daniel are situated.

Amazingly, the orange/gold backdrop was something we stumbled upon by accident at the back of the studio. Once we saw at vividly it popped while also complimenting the blue attire of James and Daniel - we knew it had to be included.

Lastly, we wanted to illustrate how the show blends different musical genres and styles, while being retro and post-modern at the same time. James and Daniel love including classic funk and modern dance music in their work, creating something truly unique to themselves and their musical abilities. The title treatment and surrounding text was an important way to transfer this onto the artwork. By using a 60s/70s style font, Harry Neal Creative made a title treatment that stands out amongst the wacky photography. The extra swirls/flourishes are a nod towards the unpredictable nature of the show itself. The surrounding text is then made with an uber-modern font called Brada Sans, normally used for alternative concert/gig posters.

The extra lightning bolt doodles were a last minute addition that added a little more context to what the show is about. Harry Neal's partner liked this touch as it looks like the 2 Mouthed Men have a 'musical spider sense', proving that it's a nice little detail that's quirky and adds further context to the artwork.

Overall, this artwork was a joy to make and wouldn't have been possible without the excellent direction from Stefan, his ability to capture 2 Mouthed Men's personality. Stefan and Harry have a great relationship with styles that blend together beautifully.

Harry Neal Creative
Stefan Hanegraaf
2 Mouthed Men
2 Mouthed Men

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