The Value of Networking?

Image shows from L to R: Ed Amsden, Tom Coles

Comedy writers Ed Amsden & Tom Coles label this piece "a slightly biased article by two writers who are really bad at networking so will try to persuade you it isn't important, even though it probably is."

In our industry (which for the purposes of this sentence we'll sarcastically call 'showbusiness'), there's an old adage you'll almost certainly have heard:

"It's not what you know, it's who you know."

But is it? And if it is, who is it you have to know and how do you get to know them? And if it isn't, what is it you have to know instead of knowing the people you're supposed to know? Y'know?

In our experience, the real situation is a little less binary than the aforementioned adage would have you believe. In fact, it's a pretty misleading adage. Yes, we've just learned the word 'adage'.

The reality is that, undoubtedly, the more industry people you can forge both strong working relationships and mutual respect with, the better your chances of progressing your career and impressing the right people. However, you can still 'make it' without a contacts book the length of a first draft Judd Apatow film script.

First up,...

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