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Make It Newsletter Thursday 13th July 2017
If you are a comedy writer, producer, director or performer (or a combination thereof), we hope you'll find plenty of interest in this latest edition of our Make It Newsletter.
Edinburgh Edinburgh control panel and mailing list

British Comedy Guide is the most visited comedy-related website covering the Edinburgh Festival. We have now created a control panel for acts to check and expand their listings, so if you're performing at the festival please do sign in.

You can also sign up to our new Fringe mailing list via this control panel. We'll be emailing out opportunities, tips and festival news each week (next week: tips on how to get reviewers to agree to come to your show). Sign up
Myriad Myriad Comic Cuts graphic novel competition launched

Roughcut TV, the production company behind shows like People Just Do Nothing, has teamed up with fiction and graphic novels publisher Myriad to launch a comedy competition. Read
James Farrell James Farrell appointed Head of Development at BBC Studios

Producer James Farrell is now head of development at BBC Studios. Read

Last year we interviewed James, and he gave us some insight into what it's like to be a TV comedy producer. Read
Advice on Directing from director John Jencks Advice on Directing from director John Jencks

John Jencks is the director behind The Hippopotamus, a new film based on the comic novel by Stephen Fry. He kindly agreed to answer technical questions from our Make It readers about the art of directing. Read
John Finnemore John Finnemore notes

How much planning do you put into your plots? We can all agree John Finnemore is one of this country's top comedy writers - he spends a lot of time working on structure. He shared a picture of his planning board: View
Diane Morgan Diane Morgan acting tips

Comedy actor Diane Morgan offers up some acting tips in this video from BAFTA. Watch
Abigoliah Schamaun Abigoliah Schamaun: 22 notebooks and 2,000 gigs

Abigoliah Schamaun wrote this article for us about her first 2,000 gigs. If you're heading towards that number, you should find some insight and motivation in the piece to take away. Read
Bucket Writing BBC sitcom Bucket

Writer and actor Frog Stone was interviewed by BBC Writersroom about how she made BBC Four sitcom series Bucket. Read

Plus, one of the show's scripts is now available to study in the BBC Script Archive
James Cary Should I write a Spec Script?

James Cary continues to publish blogs with great advice about writing sitcom. In his most recent article he tackles the subject of 'spec scripts'. Read
Susan Wokoma Susan Wokoma talks about reviews

Crazyhead and Chewing Gum actor Susan Wokoma talks in this video about how she learned to ignore the review 'noise' and focus on the art. Watch
Dead Funny How to set up a production company

Michael James Dean is the founder of comedy production company Posh Dinosaur Productions, which made the short film Already Dead (pictured). In an article for Comedy Crowd, he answers questions on setting up a production company and entering film festivals. Read
Salford Sitcom Showcase Writersroom at the Salford Sitcom Showcase

On Thursday 27th July, BBC Writersroom will be running events at the Salford Sitcom Showcase. Panel discussions include Children's Comedy and Women in Comedy. Details
Sitcom Geeks Sitcom Geeks

James Cary and Dave Cohen's podcast goes from strength-to-strength. The most recent show is an interesting interview with Barry Cryer. For some super practical advice, head back to Episode 51, which is titled 'working with producers'. Listen
Stuart Goldsmith The Comedian's Comedian Podcast

Stuart Goldsmith continues to ask top comedians what makes them tick, and how they write their material. Pippa Evans, Ed Gamble and Jo Brand are amongst the guests since our last newsletter. Listen
British Comedy Guide British Comedy Guide forums

We have six forums on our message board for those who create comedy. There are more discussions, opportunities and ideas to be found here:
Writers' Discussion
Performance Discussion
Looking for Collaborators
Our showcase forum is where you can find viewers for what you have made. Here's a recent post:
Guide Spotlight The Proposal Sketch

Unhinged Productions posted The Proposal Sketch and in the process gave us a handy reminder that you can sign up to the Funny Or Die website to test videos on that platform. We like the punchline of this sketch, but - as was touched upon on in the forum - the spoken audio is perhaps a little quiet in the sound mix. Watch
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