Chris Ramsey says 'bumming' on Soccer AM

Footage of Chris Ramsey saying 'The horse is well and truly alive and currently bumming your dad' on Soccer AM... something which caused the show to say sorry to viewers.

He actually then mentioned 'bumming' again, not shown on this clip, which meant he was ejected from the studio and couldn't take part in the football challenge, as he explained on Twitter: "Just been taken out of the studio for saying bumming again... Oops. Don't even get to do my kick now. I'd have probably fallen over anyway!"

He then added "Owner of my management company just text me saying his 5 year old asked him what horse bumming was. Apologies to all the parents out there!" He then later tweeted: "So I'm the first guest to ever be kicked off @SoccerAM. Still had a good laugh though. But genuine apologies if you were watching with kids."

Featuring: Chris Ramsey.

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