Your Face Or Mine. Image shows from L to R: Katherine Ryan, Jimmy Carr. Copyright: Talkback
Your Face Or Mine

Your Face Or Mine

  • TV comedy
  • Comedy Central
  • 2017 - 2019
  • 66 episodes (6 series)

Comic game show about contestants' faces, hosted by Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan.

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Series 2, Episode 7

Your Face Or Mine. Copyright: Talkback
Harry and Leah are grilled by Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan in a bid to win thousands of pounds. Will they choose love or money?

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Wednesday 15th November 2017
Comedy Central
30 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Friday 17th November 2017 8:00pm Comedy Central
Saturday 18th November 2017 10:30pm Comedy Central
Monday 19th March 2018 12:00am CC Extra
Friday 8th February 2019 11:30pm Comedy Central
Sunday 10th February 2019 3:55am Comedy Central
Friday 5th April 2019 12:00pm Comedy Central
Wednesday 10th April 2019 6:00am CC Extra
Wednesday 17th April 2019 8:30pm Comedy Central
Wednesday 19th June 2019 11:10pm Comedy Central
Friday 15th November 2019 12:00pm Comedy Central
Wednesday 12th February 2020 11:30pm Comedy Central
Thursday 11th June 2020 9:00pm CC Extra
Wednesday 17th June 2020 12:00am Comedy Central
Wednesday 9th June 2021 11:00pm Comedy Central
Sunday 8th May 2022 3:45am CC Extra
Friday 16th September 2022 10:30am Comedy Central
Friday 16th September 2022 3:30pm CC Extra
Monday 19th September 2022 10:00am Comedy Central
Monday 19th September 2022 3:15pm CC Extra
Wednesday 15th March 2023 11:30am CC Extra
Friday 17th March 2023 9:30am CC Extra
Tuesday 21st March 2023 11:00pm CC Extra
Thursday 23rd March 2023 4:30am CC Extra
Tuesday 4th April 2023 11:30am CC Extra
Tuesday 28th November 2023 11:45pm Comedy Central
Friday 2nd February 2024 9:30am Comedy Central
Friday 2nd February 2024 2:30pm CC Extra

Cast & crew

Jimmy Carr Host / Presenter
Katherine Ryan Host / Presenter
Writing team
Christine Rose Writer (Additional Material)
Dominic English Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
Barbara Wiltshire Director
Adam Copeland Series Producer
Mia Cross Producer
Leon Wilson Executive Producer
Ed Sleeman Executive Producer
Emma Clarke Executive Producer
Louise Holmes Executive Producer
Jill Offman Executive Producer
Mark Boutros Edit Producer
Alex Oldham VT Producer/Director
Michael Marden Editor
James Sheldon VT Editor
Richard Drew Production Designer
Oli Richards Lighting Designer
Ian Masterson Composer


The most jealous girlfriend ever?

Harry reveals all about Leah's fierce side.

Featuring: Jimmy Carr & Katherine Ryan.


Harry's ex girlfriend has an amazingly peculiar name.

Featuring: Jimmy Carr & Katherine Ryan.

Ex-Tinder Flame

Things get a bit awkward when Harry's ex tinder match joins the show....

Featuring: Jimmy Carr & Katherine Ryan.

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan flirt

Leah doesn't seem to be too fazed about the girls in the line up. In the meantime, Katherine is getting comfortable with Harry on the sofa.

Featuring: Jimmy Carr & Katherine Ryan.

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