You, Me And The Apocalypse. Image shows from L to R: Paula (Pauline Quirke), Jamie (Mathew Baynton), Father Jude (Rob Lowe), Ariel (Mathew Baynton). Copyright: Working Title Films / Bigballs Films
You, Me And The Apocalypse

You, Me And The Apocalypse

  • TV comedy drama
  • Sky One
  • 2015
  • 10 episodes (1 series)

Comedy thriller depicting the end of the world from the point-of-view of a group of characters from Slough, New Mexico and the Vatican. Stars Mathew Baynton, Diana Rigg, Anna Jones, Prasanna Puwanarajah, Karla Crome and more.

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Series 1, Episode 9

24 hours to go. With just 24 hours until the comet crashes into Earth, the race to reach the bunker is on. Plus, the results of Operation Saviour are revealed to the world.

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You, Me And The Apocalypse. U.S. President (Lloyd Owen). Copyright: Working Title Films / Bigballs Films

Jamie panics when he finds himself separated from Layla and Frankie just 24 hours before the end of the world. However, his luck could be about to change when he strikes a deal with his grandmother.

Meanwhile, a recent tragedy causes Celine to return to Slough, the president gets a nasty shock when he arrives at the bunker and Rhonda and Leanne force down their last meal before facing the firing squad.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 25th November 2015
Sky One
60 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Thursday 26th November 2015 1:00am Sky2
Saturday 28th November 2015 10:00pm Sky1
Tuesday 1st December 2015 9:00pm Sky2
Saturday 4th March 2017 10:00pm Sky2
Tuesday 14th March 2017 10:00pm Sky2

Cast & crew

Mathew Baynton Jamie
Diana Rigg Sutton
Anna Jones News Anchor
Prasanna Puwanarajah (as Prasana Puwanarajah) Rajesh
Karla Crome Layla
Grace Taylor Frankie
Pauline Quirke Paula
Joel Fry Dave
Jenna Fischer Rhonda
Megan Mullally Leanne
Gaia Scodellaro Sister Celine
Paterson Joseph General Gaines
Kyle Soller Scotty
Lloyd Owen U.S. President
Mathew Baynton Ariel
Fabian McCallum Spike
Bronagh Gallagher Larsson
Bruce Mackinnon Molby
Guest cast
Sara Powell Naomi
Anthony Howell Father Christophe
Max Brown Dr Samuel
Oliver Ford Davies Cardinal Crawshaw
Maisey Bawden Genesis Survivor
Patricia Bright Newsreader
Andrew Byron Prosecutor
Christopher Goh UK Newsreader
Rebecca Herszenhorn Intern
Alana Hood Genesis Survivor
Razak Osman Soldier
Robert G. Slade Judge
Ronan Summers Guard Chardwick
June Whitfield God
Writing team
Iain Hollands Writer
Production team
Saul Metzstein Director
Polly Buckle Producer
Nick Pitt Producer
Cameron Roach Executive Producer
Lizzie Gray Executive Producer
Andrew Conrad Executive Producer
Juliette Howell Executive Producer
Tim Bevan Executive Producer
Eric Fellner Executive Producer
Lynn Horsford Executive Producer
Scott Herbst Executive Producer
Joann Alfano Executive Producer
Iain Hollands Executive Producer
Jenna Fischer Associate Producer
Paul Cripps Production Designer
Steve Jablonsky Composer
Pieter Schlosser Composer
Jyoti Fernandes Series Script Producer
Molly Bolt Development Editor


Episode 9 preview

A trailer for the 9th episode.

Featuring: Mathew Baynton (Jamie), Karla Crome (Layla), Pauline Quirke (Paula), Jenna Fischer (Rhonda), Gaia Scodellaro (Sister Celine), Kyle Soller (Scotty), Mathew Baynton (Ariel), Anthony Howell (Father Christophe), Oliver Ford Davies (Cardinal Crawshaw) & Robert G. Slade (Judge).

Sister Celine meets God

God appears... and it turns out God has a recognisable face.

Featuring: Gaia Scodellaro (Sister Celine) & June Whitfield (God).

Party Like It's 1999

What else is there to do during the apocalypse but party like it's 1999!

Featuring: Pauline Quirke (Paula), Joel Fry (Dave) & Gaia Scodellaro (Sister Celine).

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