Yes, Prime Minister. Image shows from L to R: Sir Humphrey Appleby (Nigel Hawthorne), James Hacker (Paul Eddington), Bernard Woolley (Derek Fowlds). Copyright: BBC.

Yes, Prime Minister (1986)

BBC Two sitcom about politics. 16 episodes (2 series), 1986 - 1988. Stars Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne, Derek Fowlds, Diana Hoddinott and Deborah Norton.

Series 2

1. Man Overboard

First broadcast: Thursday 3rd December 1987

Plans to move a number of military bases to the north of England, in an effort to reduce unemployment levels in the region, a dealt a blow when Sir Humphrey fabricates an inter-Cabinet plot against the PM. With resignations on the cards, Jim has some tricky posturing to pull off.


2. Official Secrets

First broadcast: Thursday 10th December 1987

With his predecessor due to publish memoirs with not entirely flattering recollections of Jim's time as Minister for Administrative Affairs, he attempts to see the book censored. There's little legal ground to do so, and Number 10 is thrown into a panic when word of the blocking attempt is leaked...


3. A Diplomatic Incident

First broadcast: Thursday 17th December 1987

When the former PM dies unexpectedly of a heart attack, a state funeral is announced. Unfortunately that means a chance for the French to cause a diplomatic incident to use as a bargaining tool for important upcoming Channel Tunnel negotiatoins - never knowingly reasonable!


4. A Conflict Of Interest

First broadcast: Wednesday 23rd December 1987

The next Governorship of the Bank of England is up for discussion just as a scandal looks set to break out in the City. It'd hardly be an easy choice for Hacker at the best of times, but Sir Desmond Glazebrook appears to have his eye set on the role.


5. Power To The People

First broadcast: Thursday 7th January 1988

Frustrated by the continued obstacle of local councils to central government policy, not to mention their unwieldynature and lack of democratic accountability, Hacker finds himself welcoming radical reform proposals from a leading professor. Neither Sir Humphrey, nor a troublesome militant socialist feminist council leader, however, are keen on the plans.


6. The Patron Of The Arts

First broadcast: Thursday 14th January 1988

Jim's stuck in a tricky corner when he realises that he is due to attend an important arts sector dinner event as guest of honour, just days after a timetabled announcement of a less than generous increase in arts funding. Simon Monk, head of the National Theatre, is particularly unforgiving of the low increase.


7. The National Education Service

First broadcast: Thursday 21st January 1988

Once again, Jim faces stern opposition from the Civil Service when he proposes allowing parents to choose which school their child should go to. After all, what parent is discerning enough to know the difference between a good or bad school? Apart from the senior Mr and Mrs Appleby, of course!


8. The Tangled Web

First broadcast: Thursday 28th January 1988

Hacker's put in a tight spot when he unwittingly lies to the House after being kept characteristically in the dark by the Civil Service. Sir Humphrey has little initial sympathy, but finds himself in a rather tricky situation following a radio interview...


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