Would I Lie To You?. Image shows from L to R: David Mitchell, Rob Brydon, Lee Mack. Copyright: Zeppotron
Would I Lie To You?

Would I Lie To You?

  • TV panel show
  • BBC One
  • 2007 - 2022
  • 132 episodes (15 series)

Panel show in which believable lies and unbelievable truths must be identified. Stars Rob Brydon, Angus Deayton, Lee Mack, David Mitchell, David de Keyser and Paul Ridley

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Series 3, Episode 3

Joining David Mitchell this week are songstress Jamelia and comic Marcus Brigstocke; while Mancunian motor-mouth Terry Christian and comedian and TV presenter Jimmy Carr unite with Lee Mack in a bid to outwit the opposing team.

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Among the revelations in this episode, Jamelia claims to have stolen toilet paper from George Michael's house, Terry Christian alleges to have collected hair from guests who appeared on The Word and Jimmy Carr says that Prince Philip once told him that he had a funny looking face. But who is telling lies and who is telling the truth?

Home Truths

Jimmy Carr: Prince Philip told me I was a 'funny looking fellow' when I was a ball boy at Wimbledon (Lie)

Jamelia: I once stole some toilet paper from George Michael's house (Truth)

Marcus Brigstocke: I worked as a podium dancer at the Ministry of Sound... on my time off from an oil rig (Truth)

Ring of Truth

Jodie Marsh has a degree in Golf Course Management from Birmingham University (Lie)

This Is My...

Terry: Steve is my mate and we were once questioned by police as they suspected us of being jewel thieves (Truth)

Lee: Steve and I own a greyhound together

Jimmy: Steve and I went to primary school together and I met him again 20 years later when he brought me room service

Final Round

David: I once read the novel 1984 cover-to-cover in WHSmiths so I didn't have to buy a copy (Lie)

Terry: This is my collection of famous people's hair (Lie)


Lee's team win 6 points to 4. Rob's top liar award goes to Terry Christian

Broadcast details

Monday 24th August 2009
30 minutes


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Date Time Channel
Sunday 7th March 2010 11:15pm BBC1
Saturday 15th May 2010 10:20pm Dave
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Sunday 29th May 2022 5:20pm Dave

Cast & crew

Rob Brydon Host / Presenter
Lee Mack Team Captain
David Mitchell Team Captain
Paul Ridley Announcer
Guest cast
Jimmy Carr Guest
Jamelia Guest
Terry Christian Guest
Marcus Brigstocke Guest
Writing team
Rob Colley Writer (Additional Material)
Dominic English Writer (Additional Material)
Charlie Skelton Writer (Additional Material)
Aiden Spackman Writer (Additional Material)
Will Ing Writer (Additional Material)
Martin Trenaman Writer (Additional Material)
Production team
David Coyle Director
Derek McLean Producer
Fiona McDermott Producer
Peter Holmes Executive Producer
Ruth Phillips Executive Producer
Ruth Wallace Edit Producer
Steve Nayler Editor
Patrick Doherty Production Designer


David Reading '1984'

Did David Mitchell really read the whole of 1984 cover-to-cover in WHSmith's so that he didn't have to buy a copy?

Featuring: Rob Brydon, Lee Mack, David Mitchell & Jimmy Carr.

Did Jamelia Steal Toilet Roll?

Jamelia once stole toilet paper from George Michael's house - truth or lie?

Featuring: Rob Brydon & Jamelia.

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