World Of Pub. Garry (Peter Serafinowicz).

World Of Pub

BBC Two sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2001. Stars Peter Serafinowicz, Phil Cornwell, Kevin Eldon, Simon Greenall, Kim Wall, Martin Freeman, Geoffrey McGivern and others.


Publican.   Played by: Peter Serafinowicz

Garry is the stupid one. He will drink anything that is offered to him. He believes that he is immune to the effects of alcohol after falling into a cauldron of lager as a baby. (Or was that Obelix?) Outside of drinking, he is also a massive Michael Caine fan.


Publican.   Played by: Phil Cornwell

Barry is not as stupid as his brother Garry, but he is a lot more nervous and drinks a lot less booze. He is constantly worried about going out of business and that Dodgy Phil's plans to save the pub will not work.

Dodgy Phil

Played by: Kevin Eldon

The pub's only regular, Dodgy Phil is a stereotypical Cockney, constantly trying to think of some plan that will help Barry and Garry, even if it as dodgy as his name. The only thing he drinks is a small glass of some kind of clear liquid. What it is is unknown.

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