Wodehouse Playhouse. Image shows from L to R: Pauline Collins, John Alderton. Copyright: BBC.

Wodehouse Playhouse

BBC One sitcom of P.G. Wodehouse stories. 20 episodes (3 series), 1975 - 1978. Stars John Alderton, Pauline Collins and PG Wodehouse.

Series 2

1. Anselm Gets His Chance

First broadcast: Friday 26th March 1976

The reverend is unwell giving Anselm Mulliner the opportunity to deliver the sermon - one that rewards him with congregation adoration and riches beyond his wildest dreams.


2. Mr. Potter Takes A Rest Cure

First broadcast: Friday 2nd April 1976

Lady Wickham is keen to marry off daughter Roberta to Clifford Gandle but Roberta devises a plan which eventually makes her beg Roberta not to marry him.


3. Strychnine In The Soup

First broadcast: Friday 9th April 1976

After getting drunk and ruining his marriage chances, Cyril Mulliner must find a way to gain Lady Bassett's consent for the daughter Amelia.


4. Feet Of Clay

First broadcast: Friday 16th April 1976

Agnes Flack and Sidney McMurdo are in love until Captain Fosdyke appears and Agnes falls for him. Agnes, Sidney, Fosdyke and super golfer Cora play for love on the golf course.


5. The Nodder

First broadcast: Friday 23rd April 1976

Wilmot Mulliner is a lowly nodder and Mabel won't marry him until he makes something of himself. This he does by amazing his peers and winning the hand of Mabel.


6. The Code Of The Mulliners

First broadcast: Friday 30th April 1976

Archibald Mulliner is worried there is insanity in his family and wishes to break off his engagement to Aurelia. However the Code of the Mulliners - to do the right thing makes for dramatic irony.


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