White Gold. Image shows from L to R: Brian Fitzpatrick (James Buckley), Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick), Martin Lavender (Joe Thomas). Copyright: Fudge Park.

White Gold

BBC Two sitcom about double-glazing salesmen. 12 episodes (2 series), 2017 - 2019. Stars Ed Westwick, James Buckley, Joe Thomas, Lauren O'Rourke and others.

Vincent Swan

Played by: Ed Westwick
White Gold. Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Handsome, smart and cocksure, Vincent Swan is head of sales at Cachet Windows and Doors, one of Essex's newly emerging double glazing showrooms.

Formerly an engineer at an oil refinery, an unfortunate 'million pound f*ck-up' led to his dismissal. A chance meeting with an old school friend opens his eyes to the opportunities in double glazing - opportunities that involve ripping off your neighbours for more cash than Vincent has ever dreamt of.

Married to Sam Swan, with two children - Natalie and Robbie - Vincent's talents as a charming, confident salesman translate at home into a fun and impulsive husband and dad. But that energy can just as easily be used for bad behaviour - with a weakness for beautiful women, and an addiction to the thrill of the chase, Vincent frequently puts his seemingly perfect family life at risk.

What drives Vincent Swan is complicated - it's more than money. To be the best? To show the other plebs in this town who's on top? Whatever it is, Vincent's impulses risk making him the architect of his own downfall - but at least it'll be a lot of fun on the way down...

Brian Fitzpatrick

Played by: James Buckley
White Gold. Brian Fitzpatrick (James Buckley). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Greedy, immoral, and utterly charmless, Fitzpatrick somehow transforms when there are windows to be sold.

He'll say whatever is needed to close the deal - so, despite his unpleasant demeanour, he's an important part of Cachet's sales team.

Unhappily married to his depressed wife Maureen, Fitzpatrick relishes his time at work, where he can play out his worst desires, and Vincent can't help but oblige.

Martin Lavender

Played by: Joe Thomas
White Gold. Martin Lavender (Joe Thomas). Copyright: Fudge Park.

By all accounts, a lovely man - but Lavender is a hopeless salesman.

He may be university educated and have a sturdy moral backbone, but both those things are about as much use as an aerated condom when it comes to selling windows.

Formally a bassist in Paul Young's band, he joined Cachet moments before the pop star hit the big time. As much as he protests that he's happy to have a regular job - there's a big part of Lavender that yearns to be back on the road again.


Receptionist.   Played by: Lauren O'Rourke
White Gold. Carol (Lauren O'Rourke). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Cachet's Brummie receptionist.

Carol is not the sharpest tool in the box. With her massive blonde perm, fondness for the boldest of 80's fashion and ability to say and do the wrong thing at the wrong time, Carol is hard to ignore.

She does, however, have a unique flair for mimicry which on occasion get the Cachet team out of a tight spot.

Sam Swan

Played by: Linzey Cocker
White Gold. Sam Swan (Linzey Cocker). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Headstrong, fiery and assured, Sam Swan is a force to be reckoned with.

A strong mother, who puts her family first, she loves Vincent but is all too aware of his capacity for reckless and thoughtless behaviour.

Sam might admit that this is part of what attracts her to him - but can she keep Vincent in check? Either way, Vincent crosses her at his peril.

Joanne Scott (Series 2)

Played by: Rachel Shenton
White Gold. Joanne Scott (Rachel Shenton). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Joanne is an ambitious and ruthless salesperson who has entered the world of double glazing and is looking to make lots of money.

Tony Walsh

Played by: Nigel Lindsay
White Gold. Tony Walsh (Nigel Lindsay). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Walshy - boss of Cachet Windows in the first series, W Windows in the second - is Britain's angriest small business owner.

Make a mistake or step out of line and Tony will give you a proper, one hundred and twenty decibels bollocking.

But, as Vincent learns, Walshy's bark is definitely worse than his bite. Using his charm and guile, Vincent is able to twist Walshy round his little finger in a bid to make sure he gets what he wants.

Ronnie Farrell

Played by: Lee Ross
White Gold. Ronnie Farrell (Lee Ross). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Farrell is a local businessman... someone you definitely don't want to mess with. Not all of his business deals are totally legal. Vincent finds himself getting mixed up in Farrell's murky world.

Ronnie Junior (Series 2)

AKA: RJ.  Played by: Theo Barklem-Biggs
White Gold. Ronnie Junior (Theo Barklem-Biggs). Copyright: Fudge Park.

RJ is Ronnie Farrell's son. He's a bit odd. Obsessed with the board game Stratego, he is terrible at selling windows but no one dares to sack him because they are scared of what Ronnie might do.


Played by: Lloyd Hutchinson
White Gold. Brendan (Lloyd Hutchinson). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Brendan is the man who actually installs the windows. He often gets mucked about by Fitzpatrick's bad business deals and planning.

His daughter is a Page 3 girl, and he runs her bookings.

Andrew Davies

Played by: Jack Doolan
White Gold. Andrew Davies (Jack Doolan). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Davies runs a local publishing and advertising company. He and Vincent clearly hate each other. Things are made worse by the fact he employs Sam, and clearly fancies her.


Played by: Harriet Webb
White Gold. Maureen (Harriet Webb). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Maureen is Brian's wife. The lads rudely call her "thyroid", due to her size. In the second series she embarks on other relationships, even though she is still married to Brian.

Miss Barnes (Series 1)

Played by: Lorraine Bruce
White Gold. Miss Barnes (Lorraine Bruce). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Abigail Barnes is from HMRC. She's chasing Vincent for his un-paid tax bill.

Miss Lyndsey (Series 1)

Played by: Saffron Hocking
White Gold. Miss Lyndsey (Saffron Hocking). Copyright: Fudge Park.

Miss Lyndsey is a teacher, and Vincent and Sam's son Robbie is in her class. Vincent starts having an affair with her.