What The Dickens?. Image shows from L to R: Chris Addison, Sandi Toksvig, Sue Perkins. Copyright: Liberty Bell.

What The Dickens?

Sky Arts panel show about literature. 22 episodes (3 series), 2008 - 2009. Stars Sandi Toksvig, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Dave Gorman, Chris Addison and Sue Perkins.

Press Clippings

There are plenty of quiz shows on TV so it's nice to see a format where questions can cover just about anything from Die Hard to the bard.

Quip queen Sandi Toksvig hosts this cultural comedy quiz, while captains and reliable comics Chris Addison and Sue Perkins are joined by hand-picked celebrity guests to face quick fire questions from across the arts and serve up plenty of irreverent laughs along the way.

The Daily Express, 10th June 2009

Expect an arched eyebrow and plenty of sardonic quips as Sandi Toksvig reprises her role as literary quizmaster. Filmed at the Hay festival, this tongue-in-cheek series invites the likes of Rick Wakeman, Jan Ravens, John O'Farrell and Frank Skinner to test their know-how: whereupon Toksvig will separate the truly bookish from the blusterers. Also parading their Eng. Lit. credentials will be returning team captains Sue Perkins and Chris Addison.

Radio Times, 19th May 2009

Panel shows are 'testosterone heavy'

Producer Bill Matthews says he wants to redress the balance by including more female comics than men in his new arts panel show, What the Dickens?

Chortle, 13th November 2008

Sandi Toksvig chairs this comedy panel game in which celebrities are given the answer, and they have to come up with possible questions. It sounds like a round of Mock the Week expanded into a full half-hour, but with Chris Addison and Sue Perkins as team captains should be diverting enough.

Scott Matthewman, The Stage, 10th November 2008

Sandi Toksvig presents a new cultural quiz show which features regular team captains Tim Brooke-Taylor and Dave Gorman. This opening edition was recorded at the Hay Festival so we're hopeful that guests who don't normally go quizzing may take part. We're promised tests on top plots, naming actors and finishing famous lines from well-known books.

Radio Times, 28th May 2008

Novel ideas for a literary quiz

Sandi Toksvig explains the appeal of Sky Arts literary panel game to The Telegraph.

Matt Warman, The Telegraph, 27th May 2008