Werewolf: Live. Jon Gracey. Copyright: Fran Hales.

Werewolf: Live   (Working title)

New TV panel show in development. Stars Jon Gracey.

Werewolf: Live

Comedy game, based on the hit live format hosted by Jon Gracey

Panel Show
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Jon Gracey
Jason Dawson

Comedy format based on the live show, played by comedians.

The panel game takes place in a village under attack from werewolves. Most players are villagers, whose aim is to uncover the wolves, who are trying to masquerade as villagers. The werewolves are in cahoots and must subtly work together to influence the group into accidentally accusing innocent villagers of being werewolves, thus killing them. The comedy derives from the debate about who should be killed, with comedians hurling abuse, insults and accusations at each other.

Jon Gracey is the moderator.

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