Watson & Oliver. Image shows from L to R: Lorna Watson, Ingrid Oliver. Copyright: BBC.

Watson & Oliver

BBC Two sketch show starring Ingrid Oliver and Lorna Watson. 12 episodes (2 series), 2012 - 2013. Stars Lorna Watson, Ingrid Oliver, Adrian Scarborough, Hugo Speer and others.

Video Clips

Web Exclusive: The Dreams of Watson & Oliver

Lorna and Ingrid speak about their life ambitions... one of which is to become a world class poker player.

Featuring: Lorna Watson, Ingrid Oliver.

Kooky Girls

Meet the Kooky Girls, the girls that can sell you anything and like to ride bikes with baskets.

From Series 2, Episode 3. Featuring: Lorna Watson, Ingrid Oliver.

Web Exclusive: The Boyfriends of Watson & Oliver

Meet the supporting men in Lorna and Ingrid's lives... they look a bit like the stars don't they?

Featuring: Lorna Watson, Ingrid Oliver.

Made in Chelsea General Hospital

Georgiana is so confused right now. Harry said she could scrub in on his triple bypass surgery, but now she's not.

From Series 2, Episode 2.

Web Exclusive: Strict Equality Policy

Comedy isn't all about jokes; it's about equal lines, bourbons and vowels, as this video filmed exclusively for the web reveals.

Featuring: Lorna Watson, Ingrid Oliver.

Call the Midwife

The midwife is about to be called to a difficult delivery...

Can't see a video here? Watch this clip on bbc.co.uk

From Series 2, Episode 1.