Waffle The Wonder Dog
Waffle The Wonder Dog

Waffle The Wonder Dog

  • TV comedy drama
  • CBeebies
  • 2018 - 2020
  • 59 episodes (4 series)

Preschool comedy drama series about a magical talking dog. Stars Tahliya Lowles, Ellis-James Naylor, James Merry, Andrea Valls, Angela Curran and more.

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Series 1, Episode 8 - Training Waffle

Evie, Doug, Jess and Gramps take Waffle to his first puppy training class. Waffle can't resist causing chaos. Simon stays at home to look for his missing sock.

Broadcast details

Wednesday 7th March 2018
10 minutes


Show past repeats

Date Time Channel
Wednesday 28th March 2018 5:25pm CBeebies
Wednesday 18th April 2018 5:25pm CBeebies
Sunday 27th May 2018 12:15pm CBeebies
Sunday 24th June 2018 12:00pm CBeebies
Sunday 12th August 2018 12:10pm CBeebies
Sunday 16th September 2018 11:25am CBeebies
Wednesday 26th December 2018 5:25pm CBeebies
Sunday 30th December 2018 11:25am CBeebies
Wednesday 16th January 2019 5:25pm CBeebies
Sunday 20th January 2019 5:25pm CBeebies
Sunday 27th January 2019 4:05pm CBeebies
Wednesday 27th February 2019 5:15pm CBeebies
Sunday 14th April 2019 11:25am CBeebies
Sunday 12th May 2019 4:05pm CBeebies
Wednesday 22nd May 2019 5:15pm CBeebies
Saturday 21st September 2019 11:20am CBeebies
Wednesday 16th October 2019 5:20pm CBeebies
Wednesday 15th January 2020 5:15pm CBeebies
Sunday 23rd February 2020 11:20am CBeebies
Tuesday 17th March 2020 12:15pm CBeebies
Tuesday 21st April 2020 12:15pm CBeebies
Wednesday 27th May 2020 5:15pm CBeebies
Thursday 18th June 2020 12:15pm CBeebies
Wednesday 29th July 2020 12:15pm CBeebies
Saturday 8th August 2020 3:25pm CBeebies
Friday 28th August 2020 12:15pm CBeebies
Sunday 27th September 2020 11:20am CBeebies
Tuesday 27th October 2020 12:15pm CBeebies
Thursday 26th November 2020 12:15pm CBeebies
Wednesday 23rd December 2020 12:15pm CBeebies
Sunday 24th January 2021 11:25am CBeebies
Friday 5th March 2021 12:15pm CBeebies
Saturday 6th March 2021 3:15pm CBeebies
Saturday 10th April 2021 11:25am CBeebies
Monday 10th May 2021 12:15pm CBeebies
Wednesday 9th June 2021 12:10pm CBeebies
Saturday 26th June 2021 3:20pm CBeebies
Friday 9th July 2021 12:25pm CBeebies
Saturday 24th July 2021 11:25am CBeebies
Wednesday 11th August 2021 5:15pm CBeebies
Wednesday 15th September 2021 12:40pm CBeebies
Wednesday 8th December 2021 12:45pm CBeebies
Sunday 23rd January 2022 11:35am CBeebies
Wednesday 9th March 2022 5:05pm CBeebies
Wednesday 23rd March 2022 12:25pm CBeebies
Wednesday 13th April 2022 12:25pm CBeebies
Wednesday 13th April 2022 5:10pm CBeebies
Saturday 30th April 2022 11:35am CBeebies

Cast & crew

Tahliya Lowles Evie
Ellis-James Naylor Doug
James Merry Simon
Andrea Valls Jess
Paul Ryan Gramps
Rufus Hound Waffle (Voice)
Guest cast
Anna Clarke Angela
John Biggins Mr Metcalfe
Writing team
Hannah Mason Script Editor
Catherine Williams Script Editor
Hannah George Writer
Toby Williams Writer
Production team
Jack Jameson Director
Fiona Robinson Series Producer
Matt Rene Producer
Anne Gilchrist Executive Producer
Harry Eastwood Executive Producer
Simon Williams Executive Producer
Billy Macqueen Executive Producer
Maddy Darrall Executive Producer
Michael Towner Executive Producer
Steve Dix Editor
Ant Howells Production Designer
Angela Grosvenor Casting Director
Angela-Lea Phair Costume Designer
Simon Reay Director of Photography
Sarah Dickinson Make-up Designer
Anthony Noone 1st Assistant Director

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