Two Doors Down. Image shows from L to R: Beth (Arabella Weir), Eric (Alex Norton). Copyright: BBC.

Two Doors Down

BBC Two and BBC One sitcom about a disparate group of neighbours. 27 episodes (pilot + 4 series), 2013 - 2020. Stars Arabella Weir, Alex Norton, Doon Mackichan, Jonathan Watson and others.

Returns Monday 28th December at 9pm. Episode Guide
Christmas Special is repeated on Gold tomorrow at 12:20am.

Two Doors Down - Series 1

Two Doors Down - Series 1

Two Doors Down features a cast of truly distinctive characters - Beth (Arabella Weir) and Eric (Alex Norton), Cathy (Doon Mackichan) and Colin (Jonathan Watson), Christine (Elaine C Smith) and daughter Sophie (Sharon Rooney), Ian (Jamie Quinn) and Jaz (Harki Bhambra) - all ready to support each other through life's highs and lows.

That sounds like a blessing but it's often more of a curse. From day-to-day, apparently trivial, events to life-defining decisions and ordeals, what starts out as friendly interest usually snowballs into trodden toes, crossed boundaries and seriously frayed tempers.

First released: Monday 16th May 2016

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