Twirlywoos. Copyright: Ragdoll Productions / DHX Media


  • TV sitcom
  • CBeebies
  • 2015 - 2017
  • 100 episodes (4 series)

Pre-school series for CBeebies, featuring the adorable antics of four, fruit-tea-loving bird-like characters. Stars Linda Bassett and Neil Nunes.

Key cast & crew credits

Linda Bassett Narrator
Neil Nunes Announcer
Writing team
Sarah Wickens Writer (Series 1-2)
Steve Roberts Writer
Joshua Smyth Writer (Series 3-4)
Production team
Andy Burns Director (Series 1-2)
Dirk Campbell Director
Vito Bruno Director
Barry JC Purves Animation Director (Series 3-4)
Jose Granell Titles Director
Chris Wood Producer
Anne Wood Producer
Michael Towner Executive Producer
Ian Mackinnon Executive Producer
Peter Saunders Executive Producer
Kris Wright Executive Producer (Series 1)
Steven Denure (as Steven DeNure) Executive Producer
Michael Donovan Executive Producer
Chris Bowden Animation Producer
Joshua Irwin Editor (Series 1-2)
Adam Beardsmore Editor
Simon Bullen Editor (Series 1-2)
Joseph Harper Editor
Ryan Hopkins Editor (Series 3-4)
Bill Brown Production Designer
Derek Gruszeckyj Director of Photography (Series 3)
Andrew McCrorie-Shand Composer
John Duffy Animation Director of Photography (Series 3)
Nigel Stone Titles Director of Photography (Series 3)
Anne Wood Creator
Steve Roberts Creator
Kay Benbow Commissioner

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