Trygve Wakenshaw's Christmas. Cliftracts Penktinkerton (Trygve Wakenshaw). Copyright: King Bert Productions.

Trygve Wakenshaw's Christmas

Sky Arts sitcom starring Trygve Wakenshaw. 1 episode in 2015. Stars Trygve Wakenshaw.

Press Clippings

The physical comedian behind the live shows Squidboy, Kraken and Nautilus offers his take on a classic set-up here, trying to sneak silently around the house as he does the Santa Claus duties on Christmas night... failing dismally, of course. There are some nice touches in the extents he goes to for authenticity in his present-delivery; and a great payoff at the end. Oh, and in the credits you might spot that his character's name is Cliftracts Penktinkerton, which has a nice ring...

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 9th December 2015