Trigger Happy TV. Dom Joly.

Trigger Happy TV

Channel 4 sketch show starring Dom Joly. 16 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 1998 - 2016. Stars Dom Joly.

Press Clippings

Dom Joly accuses French comedian Remi Gaillard of copying his ideas

Trigger Happy TV creator Dom Joly has accused French YouTube star Rémi Gaillard of copying his prank ideas.

British Comedy Guide, 7th December 2017

Review: Trigger Happy TV, All4

Is there still a place for Dom Joly in 2017? After returning with a first All4 series of Trigger Happy TV he is now back with a second series and I'm not so sure.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 18th October 2017

London Live apologises for morning Trigger Happy shows

TV station London Live has apologised for showing people dressed in rabbit costumes simulating sex in an episode of Trigger Happy TV which went out at breakfast time.

Chortle, 9th January 2017

Trigger Happy TV return confirmed

Dom Joly has confirmed that his prank show format Trigger Happy TV is to return later this month. It will now be an online series on Channel 4's All 4 platform.

British Comedy Guide, 9th September 2016

Channel 4 in talks with Dom Joly to bring back Trigger Happy TV

Channel 4 has confirmed it is in talks to bring back Dom Joly's hidden camera comedy format Trigger Happy TV.

British Comedy Guide, 26th May 2015

Trigger Happy TV to return

Dom Joly is planning to return to Channel Four to make more instalments of his breakthrough show Trigger Happy TV. Speaking to promote his new autobiography Joly shied away from describing the landmark hit series as a prank show and said that he hoped that the new episodes would be more "filmic".

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 21st May 2015

Dom Joly confesses he stole giant phone prop from shop

Dom Joly has confessed he stole the giant phone on Trigger Happy TV which helped make him famous.

Ben Glaze, The Mirror, 31st August 2014

Dom Joly: 'Trigger Happy went global, my cut was 4%'

Did Trigger Happy TV make you rich? "Yes, very rich. We had huge DVD sales, which made a lot of money, but I wish I had set up a production company."

Roz Lewis, The Telegraph, 22nd June 2014

Dom Joly to re-make Trigger Happy TV in America again

Dom Joly is reportedly to attempt a second remake of Trigger Happy TV for American audiences.

British Comedy Guide, 17th April 2014

Dom Joly falls for outsized parking ticket prank

TV prankster Dom Joly was beaten at his own game - when he fell for a fake outsized parking ticket on his Range Rover.

Alex West, The Sun, 9th May 2013