The Totally Senseless Gameshow. Martin Dougan. Copyright: Roughcut Television.

The Totally Senseless Gameshow

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How BBC3's 'Totally Senseless Gameshow' came about

To say this project was challenging for me would be a huge understatement.

Martin Dougan, The Huffington Post, 11th August 2015

This spoof gameshow, part of BBC Three's disability season, has the deliberately contentious premise of "disabling" its celebrity contestants. Those involved seem so eager to take part they were presumably in on the joke, with politicised presenter Rick Edwards going beyond the call of duty in a blindfolded round called Flick It, Sniff It, Lick It. It's surprisingly good fun, though the backstage sketches where host Martin Dougan has to deal with TV production toadies unable to see past his wheelchair are less successful.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 11th August 2015

BBC Three to pilot comedy gameshow

BBC Three is working on a new comedy game show pilot which focuses on disability. Hosted by Martin Dougan, the show removes 'sense' or 'ability' from guests.

British Comedy Guide, 29th January 2014