TLC. Image shows from L to R: Dr. Laurence Flynn (Reece Shearsmith), Mr. Benedict Ron (Richard Griffiths), Dr. Stephen Noble (Alexander Armstrong)


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two
  • 2002
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Surreal sitcom set inside a dysfunctional London NHS hospital following a neurotic, bumbling, shy junior house surgeon. Stars Reece Shearsmith, Alexander Armstrong, Richard Griffiths, Georgia Mackenzie, Llewella Gideon and more.

Character guide

TLC. Dr. Laurence Flynn (Reece Shearsmith). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions

Dr. Laurence Flynn

Played by: Reece Shearsmith

Laurence is a doctor that is not cut out for his job. Fresh out of medical college with failed-first-time exam results, he is determined to redeem himself of his past. But with the help of his neurotic personality, lack of sleep and unpopularity among the rest of the staff, everyday he draws closer and closer to a nervous breakdown.

Flynn's hobbies include ranting about his working conditions, banging into various objects, screaming and shouting "No", and acting wide-eyed around nurse Judy.

TLC. Dr. Stephen Noble (Alexander Armstrong). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions

Dr. Stephen Noble

Stephen is Laurence's mentor and only real friend, however he mischievously enjoys the practical jokes played on Laurence.

Although Stephen loves his medical career, he is world weary and cynical about the hospital he works in. If anything goes wrong in the surgical unit, Mr Ron usually blames Stephen. But Stephen doesn't need to worry about that anymore... because he can blame it all on Laurence!

Stephen's hobbies include surviving on coffee, having endless sex with other members of staff and winding Laurence up. (And playing/watching rugby).

TLC. Mr. Benedict Ron (Richard Griffiths). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions

Mr. Benedict Ron

Mr Ron is the head of the department. He is loving and caring towards his patients but sadly isn't a very good surgeon. Laurence isn't on Mr Ron's good list because he will always find that he has been up to some sort of trouble.

Mr Ron's hobbies include shouting Laurence's surname and blaming others for his failed operations.

TLC. Nurse Judy Conway (Georgia Mackenzie). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions

Nurse Judy Conway

Judy is a smart, caring and devastatingly cool nurse on the surgical ward. Laurence has huge romantic passion for Judy, which she cruelly takes advantage of and becomes responsible for most of the jokes played on him.

Judy's hobbies include playing practical jokes on Laurence, guarding coffee with the other nurses, and hanging out with her nurse roommate Terry.

TLC. Sister Charity Hope (Llewella Gideon). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions

Sister Charity Hope

Played by: Llewella Gideon

Charity is the sane mother figure of all the staff in the unit. She keeps everyone under control (including Mr Ron) and you can count on her to keep you safe if you're a patient on her ward.

Her hobbies include keeping her ward under control and using old body parts as earrings.

TLC. Gasman (Erich Redman). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions


Played by: Erich Redman

Gasman is a German anaesthetist that has an obsession with pain, which is worrying because his job is to relieve pain. His wonderful dream would be that a patient woke in the middle of an operation.

Gasman has only one hobby. Making sure he can get as much pain out of the patients (and sometimes staff) as he can!

TLC. Terry Cheung (Benedict Wong). Copyright: Pozzitive Productions

Terry Cheung

Played by: Benedict Wong

Terry is a nurse. He has a crush on Laurence but isn't afraid to show it. In theatre he makes campy comments towards Laurence, embarrassing him in front of the surgical team.

Terry's hobbies include flirting with Laurence and hanging out with Judy.

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