Time Gentlemen Please. Image shows from L to R: Old Man (Roy Heather), Janet (Julia Sawalha), Vicky Jackson (Rebecca Front), Guv (Al Murray), Terry (Phil Daniels), Steve (Jason Freeman), Prof (Andrew Mackay). Copyright: Avalon Television.

Time Gentlemen Please

Sky One sitcom set in a pub. 37 episodes (2 series), 2000 - 2002. Stars Al Murray, Phil Daniels, Jason Freeman, Rebecca Front and others.

Series 2

Christmas Special: It's A Wonderful Pint

First broadcast: Monday 24th December 2001

It's 10 months since the Guv retreated to his bedroom, and Terry, the Old Man and the Prof have had enough of Dave's Australian-ness. It's time to call in the big guns.


1. The Man In The Iron Cask

First broadcast: Wednesday 30th January 2002

The Guv's back in the saddle, but crippled by a double case of Barman's Hand. Steve's still missing, and an applicant for Janet's old job turns out to be a student. Will salvation come?


2. Got The Painters In

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th February 2002

As the brewery pays for the pub's refurbishment, Vicky has an embarrassing secret to admit: she doesn't know the pub's real name. Trouble is, neither does anyone else.


3. Wishing On A Bar

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th February 2002

As the decorators move inside, the Guv finds himself locked in a battle of wits with an evil Leprechaun.


4. The Harder They Crawl

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th February 2002

The Guv's not feeling himself after his divorce came through, but it's Tony Harris's birthday so he and Terry have duties to attend to.


5. Landlord Of The Giants

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th February 2002

When Leslie falls under Connie's spell, Lesley brings a new man to the pub. Could this lead to the downfall of The Cowshed? Meanwhile, the Prof claims to have invented the never-ending beer glass.


6. Beer Necessities

First broadcast: Wednesday 6th March 2002

Connie is thrown into a moral quandry; torn between her job and 'friends', her objection to pornography, and her residual feelings toward ex-boyfriend Dean, when instructed by nasty brewery owner Mr Jackson to take part in a topless calendar shoot.


7. Game For A Gaff

First broadcast: Wednesday 13th March 2002

As the pub faces the latest whim of Vicky's father, the Guv's hopes of finally getting his dream of a carvery could be realised. Will they be dashed once more, or will a long-dead German come up trumps?


8. Speed The Ploughmans

First broadcast: Wednesday 20th March 2002

Connie's stressed over a philosophy exam that will total 0.3% of her degree, and the Guv's received a disturbing letter - Terry, however, is concerned only with his ploughman's.


9. Optics Wide Shut

First broadcast: Wednesday 27th March 2002

Uninvited to the Barstewards' Annual Secret Ball, the Guv sets out to sneak in. Could the promised sex orgy and night of abandoned morals break his duck?


10. Storming Up A Cook

First broadcast: Wednesday 3rd April 2002

Despite the Guv's protests, Vicky hires a local celebrity chef, the Bare-Arsed Naked Cook. As she and Connie fight for his affections, the Guv continues to insist on his dismissal.


11. Of Mice And Mentallists

First broadcast: Wednesday 10th April 2002

Barman's Hand takes the ultimate toll on the Guv'nor, and he collapses, setting fire to the kitchen in the process. Although quickly saved by the regulars, he's tormented by visions of giant mice, and when Vicky finds out his terrible shame, he's encouraged to visit a psychiatrist.


12. The Slopranos

First broadcast: Wednesday 17th April 2002

Visiting the psychiatrist, Vicky's twin sister, the Guv is forced to confront his demons. Does he want to shag his mother? Is there a mystery about his father? Is he actually confused? And most importantly, is he nuts?


13. This Vale Of Beers

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th April 2002

The Guv's initially ecstatic, as the function room is - for once - booked. Unfortunately, it soon turns out that Greg Thompson is the patron, having found God and turned the Queen of Hearts into a coffee house.


14. Entente Lime Cordial

First broadcast: Wednesday 1st May 2002

The Guv's reached the end of his tether. His wife's just got remarried - to a Frenchman - and now Vicky demands he closes down for the last time if his Barman's Hand continues. Could a visitor "from overseas" change his fortunes? Has little Carl returned to his Daddy? What will become of The Cowshed?


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