Time Gentlemen Please. Image shows from L to R: Old Man (Roy Heather), Janet (Julia Sawalha), Vicky Jackson (Rebecca Front), Guv (Al Murray), Terry (Phil Daniels), Steve (Jason Freeman), Prof (Andrew Mackay). Copyright: Avalon Television.

Time Gentlemen Please

Sky One sitcom set in a pub. 37 episodes (2 series), 2000 - 2002. Stars Al Murray, Phil Daniels, Jason Freeman, Rebecca Front and others.

Series 1

1. A Woman's Place ...

First broadcast: Monday 11th September 2000

An Australian turns up at the pub just as the Guv sacks his barman, Steve. There's also a shock as the brewery sacks its long-standing local regional rep.


2. Never Confused ...

First broadcast: Monday 18th September 2000

The brewery dictates that all of its pubs should hold a gay night - needless to say, the Guv is not best pleased.


3. Hoppy Birthday ...

First broadcast: Monday 25th September 2000

It's Terry's birthday, and the Guv's lined him up the traditional pint-per-year to celebrate.


4. Monkey's Uncle ...

First broadcast: Monday 2nd October 2000

The pub is trashed by a local hooligan - unfortunately, he happens to be the nephew of rival landlord and womanising bully Greg Thompson.


5. King Barsteward ...

First broadcast: Monday 9th October 2000

Guv receives notification that he has been nominated to join the Grand Order of the Barstewards.


6. Date With Density ...

First broadcast: Monday 16th October 2000

It's been a year - but the Guv finally has a date. And as the owner of his own pub, he's already got the perfect evening planned...


7. Getting Diggy With It ...

First broadcast: Monday 23rd October 2000

The Guv's reluctantly having his beer garden turned into a car park, but work is stopped when human remains are discovered during the excavations.


8. The Pub That Forgot Time ...

First broadcast: Monday 30th October 2000

Steve has fallen in love with French archaeologist Sue, but Janet won't let her man go without a fight. Meanwhile, head archaeologist Mike believes that there's a great business opportunity at the site.


9. Fawkes/Off

First broadcast: Monday 6th November 2000

It's Guy Fawkes' night, also the birthday of little Carl, and the Guv's taking it particularly badly. Meanwhile, a new Guy Fawkes celebratory drink is causing havoc at Thackeray pubs.


10. Help! The Aged

First broadcast: Monday 13th November 2000

The Guv's new novelty sign promising free drinks for over-80s (when accompanied by both parents) backfires following a disagreement with the Old Man.


11. More Tea Vicky?

First broadcast: Monday 20th November 2000

Vicky makes a surprise visit to inspect the Guv'nor's books. Meanwhile, Terry's gone AWOL and Steve's sold the time bell for a bag of magic mushrooms.


12. Day Of The Trivheads ...

First broadcast: Monday 27th November 2000

The pub's selected to field a team for cult TV pub quiz show Fact Hunt; unfortunately, the first round will be against Greg Thompson's gaff, the Queen of Hearts.


13. Greetings Stout Yeoman ...

First broadcast: Monday 4th December 2000

Much to the Guv's disgust, the pub is selected as the first venue outside of the Irish Republic to trial a new stout, Rileys, which professes to be stout, lager and ale in one.


14. Only When I Laugh ...

First broadcast: Monday 11th December 2000

The Guv visits Tony Harris in hospital, and bumps into Terry, Vicky, Tina and Sinjun whilst there. The future looks bleak for both Tony and Vicky, but a surprise could be around the corner.


15. Playing Silly Buggers

First broadcast: Monday 18th December 2000

Guv and the regulars are oblivious when a drug dealer makes a new dealing base out of the pub. But the Irish criminal is under police surveillance...


16. Bar Humbug

First broadcast: Monday 25th December 2000

It's Christmas Day, and a fire at the home means that the Guv's mum has to come and visit. He's determined that this'll be one Christmas she won't ruin.


17. New Year's Steve

First broadcast: Monday 1st January 2001

It's New Year's Eve, and with Greg's special guest of 'Cheeky' Alan Supple at the Queen of Hearts, only Janet and the Guv are left.


18. The Return Of Martin Greer

First broadcast: Monday 8th January 2001

The Guv and his band of dysfunctional regulars and staff continue with their unique brand of philosophy.


19. Juke Box Fury

First broadcast: Monday 15th January 2001

When Miss Jackson bursts into tears after a disagreement with the Guv over jazz music on a new jukebox, Janet suspects something's up. Sure enough, there's a secret to rock the pub with no name...


20. Farts Of Darkness

First broadcast: Monday 22nd January 2001

It's 3am, and with torrential rain pouring down, the Guv is woken by Terry at the front door. What could he possibly want at this hour?


21. A Dave, A Dave-O

First broadcast: Monday 29th January 2001

Leslie's in court, and Terry takes his opportunity with Lesley. Meanwhile, a particularly annoying arrival at the pub turns out to be none other than Janet's infamous "last boyfriend", Dave.


22. All The World's A Stag

First broadcast: Monday 5th February 2001

As Terry's wedding to Miss Jackson approaches, Vicky's desperate to find a way out - but the minder assigned by her father is there to ensure everything goes ahead. Meanwhile, Dave refuses to leave, and Janet's getting desperate.


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