Three Men In A Boat

BBC Two comedy drama about a boat trip. 1 episode in 1975. Stars Tim Curry, Stephen Moore and Michael Palin.

Three Men In A Boat

Three Men In A Boat

Popular from the very start and never out of print - Three Men In A Boat remains as fresh and funny today as when it was first published in 1889. This adaptation is by modern comedy playwright Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare In Love, Empire Of The Sun, Brazil - Oscar nominated co-writer).

One hot June day, three friends decide there is nothing they would like to do more than to get away from London. A boating holiday with lots of fresh air and exercise would be the very thing, or so their doctors tell them. So after debating the merits of hotel or camp beds and what to pack, they set off on their voyage - a trip up the Thames from Henley to Oxford (with a few diversions into pubs, museums and friends' homes).

Starring Tim Curry, Michael Palin and Stephen Moore.

First released: Monday 24th August 2009

  • Distributor: 2 Entertain
  • Region: 2
  • Discs: 1
  • Minutes: 65
  • Catalogue: BBCDVD2689

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