Thieves Like Us. Copyright: BBC.

Thieves Like Us

BBC Three sitcom about two burglars. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2007. Stars Tom Brooke, Fraser Ayres, Darren Tighe, Jessica Harris and others.

Series 1

1. The Warehouse Job

First broadcast: Monday 22nd January 2007

Bex and Ollie have a lucrative job lined up; a warehouse full of widescreen televisions and a eager buyer with cash on the hip. There's only one problem. Mel's on the warpath. Bex doesn't know what he's done, only what'll happen to him and his lucrative deal if Mel ever catches up with him.


2. The Alarm Job

First broadcast: Monday 29th January 2007

Mel has an important meeting in the morning but she can't get to sleep. A neighbour's burglar alarm is ringing across the road and no one's home to turn it off. The police don't care and her earplugs are useless. Perhaps her good-for-nothing burglar boyfriend is good for something after all.


3. The Teapot Job

First broadcast: Monday 5th February 2007

Electric's been turned over. Among the items nicked is a precious antique teapot. Electric wants it back and he ain't kidding. Bex and Ollie must help him recover his property or find another buyer for their gear.


4. The Jackets Job

First broadcast: Monday 12th February 2007

Bex and Ollie are banged up in the cells and they've got Norris and Roland for neighbours. Weasel's confident he finally has the lot of them at last, but then again he hasn't reckoned on the lengths their brief will go to, to get his clients off and earn his Legal Aid.


5. The Footballer Job

First broadcast: Monday 19th February 2007

Mel's 13-year-old cousin, Wayne, has his bike thrown in the river by Premiership Football bad boy, Claude Delacroix, for allegedly scratching his sports car. Mel wants an apology. Bex and Ollie are the guys to get it. Or they'll see to it that Claude's sorry for real.


6. The Office Job

First broadcast: Monday 26th February 2007

Bex and Ollie have job interviews. Situations vacant - sales staff with a telesales firm. Not the greatest job in the world but a foot on the ladder all the same. Mel smells a rat and wants to know what their ladder's leaning up against. And why Weasel is searching town for them.