The Young Ones. Image shows from L to R: Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson), Neil (Nigel Planer), Mike (Christopher Ryan), Rick (Rik Mayall). Copyright: BBC.

The Young Ones

BBC Two sitcom about four students. 12 episodes (2 series), 1982 - 1984. Stars Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson, Nigel Planer, Christopher Ryan and Alexei Sayle.

Series 1

1. Demolition

First broadcast: Tuesday 9th November 1982

Neil plans to kill himself, whilst Rick tunes into the first edition of a brand new show for all the cool young things: Nozin' Aroun'. Then Mike finds a letter informing them that the house is to be demolished.


2. Oil

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th November 1982

Having moved to a new house by the Balowskis, Mike discovers oil in the basement whilst disposing of a body. In order to exploit this potentially lucrative source of wealth, Mike appoints himself dictator.


3. Boring

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd November 1982

The housemates are bored, so head off to the pub. If only they really opened their eyes and looked around, they might find something interesting going on...


4. Bomb

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th November 1982

An atom bomb lands in the middle of the boys' kitchen, but they're divided over what to do with it. Vyvyan, for example, can't work out why he can't set it off.


5. Interesting

First broadcast: Tuesday 7th December 1982

A party is arranged, but naturally Neil has no one to invite. Rick's keen to get things off just right, but is at risking of killing the mood. Then the pubs start to close.


6. Flood

First broadcast: Tuesday 14th December 1982

It's raining cats and dogs - literally. Unfortunately, there's no food in the house and whilst trying to busy themselves, none of the housemates notice London flooding around them...


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