The Unforgettable.... Copyright: North One Television / Watchmaker Productions.

The Unforgettable...

ITV documentary about comedy stars. 38 episodes (5 series), 2000 - 2012. Features Daniel Abineri.

Series 3

1. Tommy Cooper

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd September 2001

Documentary looking at the work and private life of comedian Tommy Cooper, including clips from his performances.


2. John Le Mesurier

First broadcast: Sunday 9th September 2001

Documentary about the life and career of actor John Le Mesurier, considering his personality and private life, including his marriage and divorce from Hattie Jacques, as well as his acting roles. His last wife, Joan Le Mesurier, talks about his friendship with Tony Hancock, and the affair that she had with the latter.


3. Kenneth Williams

First broadcast: Sunday 23rd September 2001

Documentary looking at the life, character and career of Kenneth Williams, including interviews with some of his friends and colleagues.


4. Yootha Joyce

First broadcast: Wednesday 3rd October 2001

Documentary about comedy actress Yootha Joyce, looking at her background, personal life and career.


5. Eric Morecambe

First broadcast: Friday 2nd November 2001

Documentary about Eric Morecambe, including archive footage and interview with widow, children, friends and colleagues including Des O'Connor, Ronnie Corbett and Dickie Davies.


6. Benny Hill

First broadcast: Friday 14th December 2001

Documentary on the life and career of Benny Hill, including clips from his work and interviews with friends and collegues.