The Thin Blue Line. Image shows from L to R: D.I. Grim (David Haig), P.C. Habib (Mina Anwar), Inspector Fowler (Rowan Atkinson), P.C. Goody (James Dreyfus), D.C. Boyle (Mark Addy), Sergeant Dawkins (Serena Evans), P.C. Gladstone (Rudolph Walker). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

The Thin Blue Line

BBC One sitcom about the team at a small town police station. 14 episodes (2 series), 1995 - 1996. Stars Rowan Atkinson, David Haig, Serena Evans, James Dreyfus and others.

Series 2

1. Court In The Act

First broadcast: Thursday 14th November 1996

Fowler is pleased to get his name mentioned in the local paper following the successful raid by CID on the home of drugs dealer Harry the Spike. Harry has a good defence counsel however and Fowler is nervous of meeting him.

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2. Ism Ism Ism

First broadcast: Thursday 21st November 1996

Faced with arresting a failed asylum seeker ready for deportation, Fowler trains his staff in equality by pretending to be a Martian dissident. Meanwhile, Grim has been turned down by the Freemasons and is now trying to become a member of the Order of Todgers.

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3. Fly On The Wall

First broadcast: Thursday 28th November 1996

A television crew has come to Gasforth to make a documentary about policing. Naturally, Fowler's officers see it as their chance for stardom.

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4. Alternative Culture

First broadcast: Thursday 5th December 1996

The station is rife with tension when the ladies are forced to share the mens' locker rooms, with no funds available to fix a problem in theirs. Meanwhile, Grim is organising a major drugs raid, Boyle a drinking evening, and Habib's looking after her younger sister.

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5. Come On You Blues

First broadcast: Thursday 12th December 1996

Gasforth Football Club has reached the second round of the FA Cup. Fowler is looking forward to watching the game and Grim is looking forward to tackling some hooligans. The Mayoress tells Fowler that if he ensures a trouble free match she will recommend him for an MBE.

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6. Road Rage

First broadcast: Thursday 19th December 1996

Gasforth's new bypass is causing problems for Fowler as his girlfriend Patricia has taken a fortnight's leave to join the protesters and he and his officers have to "enforce the law". When they arrive PC Goody falls for one of the protesters and decides to save the planet. Meanwhile, Patricia is rescued by the "green avenger".

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Christmas Special: The Green Eyed Monster

First broadcast: Monday 23rd December 1996

Fowler is battling Grim for promotion, who tells him that he needs to be married to be promoted. Raymond proposes to Patricia but in such an unromantic way that she leaves him. Goody and Boyle take Fowler for a night on the town to cheer him up but they choose the same place that Habib has taken Patricia.

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