The Smoking Room. Robin (Robert Webb). Copyright: BBC.

The Smoking Room

BBC Three sitcom set in an office. 17 episodes (2 series), 2004 - 2005. Stars Robert Webb, Fraser Ayres, Debbie Chazen, Jeremy Swift and others.


You start life off with so many ambitions: family, career... your own pet chimp.

Lilian (Paula Wilcox)

There is no excuse for effing and blinding at our visitors, unless they are quoting ridiculous prices for stock, then they can go fuck themselves.

Sharon (Siobhan Redmond)

I've only ever heckled once in my whole life: our Laura's tap recital. And it was for her own good, she was never going to make it and the classes were like £8 an hour.

Lilian (Paula Wilcox)

You wouldn't catch me at one of those festivals. Three days in a tent, shitting in a bucket like the victim of a natural disaster.

Robin (Robert Webb)
Talking on the phone to Annie

I'm down in the smoking room and no-one's got a light, so could you pop down with yours? Well, could you leave your appraisal for five minutes?

Robin (Robert Webb)