The Secret Census. Jack Whitehall. Copyright: Magnum Media.

The Secret Census

Channel 4 sketch show. 1 pilot in 2010. Stars Jack Whitehall, Jamelia and Gemma Atkinson.

Press Clippings

Unlikely to get an extended run is The Secret Census, in which comedian Jack Whitehall asks: how honest is Britain? For example: would people lie in court to save ex-Hollyoaker Gemma Atkinson? (Not surprisingly, more men than women would.) The only twist was that none of those taking part in the "poll" knew they were taking part. As a barometer of the state of the nation, it's pretty simple stuff, and Whitehall can do better than this.

Robert Epstein, The Independent, 25th April 2010

Jack Whitehall Secret Census riffs off questions to the public, to occasionally comic effect.

The Guardian, 21st April 2010