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The Rebel. Henry Palmer (Simon Callow). Copyright: Retort
The Rebel

The Rebel

  • TV sitcom
  • Gold
  • 2016 - 2017
  • 9 episodes (2 series)

Sitcom starring Simon Callow as a rebellious pensioner. Also features Bill Paterson, Anita Dobson, Amit Shah, Anna Crilly and Vivian Oparah


Key cast & crew credits

Simon Callow Henry Palmer
Bill Paterson Charles
Anita Dobson Margaret
Amit Shah Jeremy
Anna Crilly Cath
Vivian Oparah Amaya (Series 2)
Writing team
Andrew Birch Writer
James Cary Writer (Series 2)
Richard Hurst Writer (Series 2)
James Cary Script Editor (Series 2)
Richard Hurst Script Editor (Series 2)
Production team
Vadim Jean Director
Simon Lupton Series Producer (Series 2)
Vadim Jean Producer (Series 1)
Ben Walker Producer (Series 2)
Simon Lupton Executive Producer (Series 1)
Jon Rolph Executive Producer
Tanya Qureshi Executive Producer (Series 1)
Pete Thornton Executive Producer (Series 2)
Daniel Gethic Editor (Series 1)
Robin Peters Editor (Series 2)
Adrian Smith Production Designer (Series 1)
Steve Parnell Production Designer (Series 2)
Tracey Gillham Casting Director (Series 2)
David Isaac Feldstein Composer
Andrew Birch Creator
Richard Watsham Commissioner
Steve North Commissioner

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