The Mash Report. Nish Kumar. Copyright: Princess Productions.

The Mash Report

BBC Two comedy satirising the news. 28 episodes (4 series), 2017 - 2020. Stars Nish Kumar, Ellie Taylor, Steve N Allen, Rachel Parris and others.

Press Clippings

Nish Kumar: BBC must be clear over Mash Report axe

The BBC must put an end to the "useful myth" it has cracked down on left-wing comedy, according to the satirist Nish Kumar. Either that, or it should admit that a so-called "war on woke" really did happen.

Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer, 16th May 2021

What can we learn from the axing of The Mash Report?

Hopefully the series' legacy is continued in whatever show replaces it, but I doubt it will be.

Niall Hawkins, The Boar, 10th April 2021

Nish Kumar: show's axed, his political fight continues

Nish Kumar's satirical late-night show The Mash Report ran for four years on public broadcaster the BBC. Some believe it was a casualty of a "war on woke."

Desiree Ibekwe, The New York Times, 1st April 2021

The Mash Report may move to Dave

UKTV channel Dave is reportedly considering taking on The Mash Report, after the BBC axed the topical comedy show.

British Comedy Guide, 19th March 2021

The team behind BBC2's The Mash Report have known since November that the show, hosted by Nish Kumar, was not going to be recommissioned by the Beeb, but the news only became public last week, when the Sun ran the story under the headline "Nish Mash Bosh".

The show's fourth series - which was scrambled together in April last year, so after the start of lockdown - had enjoyed its best ratings yet. The [o]BBC[/c] was happy about how it had done (it had outperformed average viewing figures for a 10pm slot on BBC2) and even started making noise about promoting it from one seires a year to two.

Then, in September, Tim Davie arrived as director-general, accompanied by excited noises in the Mail and Telegraph about a coming crackdown on ribald, leftie comedy, and the wind changed. After a long silence, the Beeb decided it couldn't stretch to two series a year, so would opt instead not to have any.

The Mash Report - which incidentally was just about the only TV comedy to feature a right-wing comedian, Geoff Norcott, almost every week - has already had interest from other broadcasters, meaning there's every chance it could end up as another Bake Off. But at least Davie's fans in the press are happy.

Private Eye, 17th March 2021

BBC flooded with complaints after axing The Mash Report

Fans have also launched a campaign calling for the BBC to save The Mash Report and over 10,000 people have signed it so far.

Cydney Yeates, Metro, 16th March 2021

No, Nish Kumar's Mash Report hasn't been 'cancelled'

The BBC says The Mash Report's departure is going 'to make room for new comedy shows'. Here's hoping an actual comedy show, as opposed to whatever this was, replaces it.

Tom Slater, The Spectator, 12th March 2021

Why they canned The Mash Report - it's unfunny

It wasn't too 'left-wing' - just painfully unfunny.

Spiked, 12th March 2021

Seven hilarious Mash Report moments that went viral

The Mash Report has been responsible for numerous viral moments over the years, and here are 7 of the best.

John Plunkett, The Poke, 12th March 2021

The Mash Report axed after four series

The Mash Report will not return for another series. A spokesperson said BBC Two was making room for new comedy shows.

British Comedy Guide, 12th March 2021