The League Of Gentlemen. Image shows from L to R: Tubbs (Steve Pemberton), Edward (Reece Shearsmith). Copyright: BBC.

The League Of Gentlemen

BBC Two sitcom / sketch show set in an odd town. 22 episodes (3 series), 1999 - 2017. Stars Reece Shearsmith, Mark Gatiss and Steve Pemberton.

Series 3

1. The Lesbian and the Monkey

First broadcast: Thursday 26th September 2002

Pauline struggles to adapt to life on the outside when she secures an early release from HMP Clitclink. A heavily pregnant Barbara takes a night off from Babs' Cabs to throw a gender-bender party. And the mysterious Dr Carlton invites a private patient to his very peculiar practice.

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2. The One-Armed Man Is King

First broadcast: Thursday 3rd October 2002

When Joke Shop proprietor Lance has an under-the-counter arm transplant, the result is not quite what he expected. Meanwhile, useless debt collectors Glen and Big Barry have a run-in with the terrifying Lisgoe, and mortician Owen Fallowfield talks about his singular career.

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3. Turn Again Geoff Tipps

First broadcast: Thursday 10th October 2002

Fired from his job, Geoff heads to London to fulfil his dream of becoming Royston Vasey's leading entertainer. Meanwhile, Legz Akimbo theatre company mount their latest production - a sensitive look at the disabled - and fag-hag Tish descends on Camden Town.

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4. The Medusa Touch

First broadcast: Thursday 17th October 2002

B&B proprietors Alvin and Sunny invite their weekend 'Sexplorers' to join them in a voyage of auto-erotic discovery - although Alvin would prefer to be at the garden centre. But who is the mysterious femme fatale in the dwarf conifers and what is the secret of the fearsome Medusa?

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5. Beauty and the Beast (Or, Come into My Parlour)

First broadcast: Thursday 24th October 2002

The launch of Judee Levinson's beauty salon proves to be a great success, thanks to Charlie Hull's unexpected skill as a masseur. Meanwhile, Neds and Tris have a night-time adventure in Maxie Power, the home-made, crime-solving car.

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6. How the Elephant Got Its Trunk

First broadcast: Thursday 31st October 2002

When Vinnie goes AWOL, Reenie is forced to take on a new volunteer at the charity shop. But who is the mysterious Keith Drop and what is the dark secret behind his costume jewellery? Meanwhile, Dog Cinema impresario Kenny Harris is shocked at the return of his arch enemy, the felinophiliac Dougal Siepp.

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