The Klang Show. Copyright: BBC.

The Klang Show

BBC Three variety / sitcom. 1 pilot in 2010. Stars Adrian Gas, Steve Hall, Greg Davies and Marek Larwood.

Press Clippings

If slapstick be the food of love, play on. Though winning with its relentless stupidity, the Klang team's last series We Are Klang was not a complete success. It looked like too much of the fun was had in the studio without transmitting home. So the trio of stupid comedians (Steve Hall (Mike), Greg Davies (Rick), Marek Larwood (Vivian)) went away and refined their act. Well, refined is putting too fine a point on it.

They made a fake variety show featuring a lot of fake stupid acts. tvBite was totally won over by the arrival of Donkey Dunkirk, who dresses a donkey in a Nazi uniform and then punching it out cold. But we can understand if you think it sounds rubbish so here's a quick test to see if you will like it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid. How long would you have to repeat that for it to become funny? If fairly on you found a lot of 'stupid' very funny, tune in. If you can repeat it to yourself like Paxman asking Michael Howard a question, then avoid.

TV Bite, 16th August 2010

After one series of sitcommy larks last year, frantic trio We Are Klang are back with a pilot for a new format, which suggests they've been told to rethink. It's worked - this is funnier. On a cardboard set, with a script that's equally ramshackle, they play various characters, almost all of whom end up being hit, dry-humped or covered in food. At the centre is Greg Davies, an enormous, prancing man constantly suppressing a giggle, which will be annoying if you're not laughing too. But the Klang have a knack for bludgeoning apparently hopeless material, eg an item about hoodies attacking ill-looking people with vegetables, into working. Meanwhile, a sketch with Davies as a mad female faith healer could be a Shooting Stars offcut, and the running gag spoofing a Noel Edmonds NTV prank is a peach.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 16th August 2010

After the japery of last year's hit-and-miss sitcom We Are Klang, silly comedy trio We Are Klang (Greg Davies, Steve Hall and Marek Larwood) get another pop at a BBC3 show. This time the Klangers are hosting a fictional revue show featuring the trio acting out various interviews, sketches and songs as different characters - often dressed in little but their pants. Its success will depend on whether audiences embrace or loathe Klang's slapstick, which veers towards the rambunctious rather than the surreal.

The Guardian, 16th August 2010

Online premiere of comedy pilot The Klang Show

Watch the new pilot from the same guys that brought you We Are Klang...

BBC, 10th August 2010