The John Bishop Show. John Bishop. Copyright: Lola Entertainment.

The John Bishop Show

BBC One variety. 8 episodes (1 series) in 2015. Stars John Bishop.

Video Clips

When boys turn 16...

John Bishop makes light of what fathers fail to realise about their sons when they turn 16.

From Series 1, Episode 8. Featuring: John Bishop.

A stage malfunction for Meow Meow

A unique performance from Meow Meow.

From Series 1, Episode 7. Featuring: Meow Meow.

Nina Conti's school of ventriloquism

Nina Conti performs a routine on The John Bishop Show.

From Series 1, Episode 6. Featuring: Nina Conti.

Vikki Stone sings The Brian Cox Song

Vikki Stone is a fan of Professor Brian Cox.

From Series 1, Episode 4. Featuring: Vikki Stone.

Pete Firman's magic trick

A unique performance from Pete Firman from The John Bishop Show.

From Series 1, Episode 3. Featuring: John Bishop, Pete Firman.