James Veitch.

The James Veitch Lectures

New TV stand-up in development. Stars James Veitch.

New and in development. Details are liable to change.

The James Veitch Lectures

TV stand-up pilot about technology

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James Veitch

Apple Macs. Dating Apps. Spam Emails. Your new favourite lecturer's class is in session; you'll be laughing too hard to take notes.

Join James Veitch as he films his exciting new TV project, a whirlwind of geeky, anarchic, unashamedly powerpoint-fueled comedy from the Independent's "One to Watch".

Stand-up comedian James is responsible for the fastest ever TED talk to reach over 2 million views in the history of TED! He leads the audience in a show full of hilarious nostalgia, high tech nerdiness and modern day gripes to which everyone can relate.