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Emily Atack axed from reunion due to James Buckley past

Emily Atack was reportedly axed from The Inbetweeners reunion after James Buckley told producers 'it's her or me' following a past fling they had when they were both single.

Daily Mail, 3rd March 2019

James Buckley says he looked a "f***ing idiot"

James says that he blames himself for the "disappointing" special, The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited. He opened up about the show's "disastrous" reunion, claiming that he looked like a "f***ing idiot" - and admitting that he blames himself.

Stephanie Soteriou, The Sun, 29th January 2019

The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited review

School reunion is full of nostalgia, and poo jokes.

The Independent, 2nd January 2019

Fans had some issues with "awkward" reunion show

Although the show served up the funniest clips from the hit sitcom and films, some viewers couldn't help feel the studio segments were a tad "awkward".

Radio Times, 2nd January 2019

Inbetweeners reunion branded 'toe-curling, painful...'

The Inbetweeners Fwends Reunited 10th anniversary show has been slammed by devoted fans following its New Year's Day airing.

Daily Mail, 2nd January 2019

James Buckley apologises to fans after 'awful' reunion

The episode, which aired on New Year's Day, largely disappointed fans who branded it 'painfully bad' and 'self indulgent'.

Rose Hill, The Mirror, 2nd January 2019

Ten years on, and the E4 comedy about a group of puerile sixth-formers remains era-defining - a relic of a time when gross-out "banter" culture was dominant. Here, the cast reunite to recall its significance via interviews, clips and games, followed by four of their favourite episodes.

Hannah J Davies, The Guardian, 1st January 2019

The Inbetweeners wouldn't get made today

On January 25 2007, a TV drama called Skins captured the way teenagers like to imagine themselves: as weary, battle-scarred participants in a cycle of drug-fuelled parties and casual sex.

The following year, a TV comedy called The Inbetweeners captured the way most adults tend to remember those same years: as a period of excruciating social inadequacy, boredom and utterly doomed attempts to make the people you fancy realise you even exist.

Sam Parker, The Telegraph, 1st January 2019

The Inbetweeners: Fwends Reunited was a shambolic mess

Fwends Reunited was a shambolic mess that failed to do the show justice.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 1st January 2019

The Inbetweeners cast interview

"There are guys who approach me [about the show] who must have been children when it came out," says Thomas, who was 24 when the series began filming. "I think it's aged well, although they deliberately didn't shoot it in HD because they were worried you might see wrinkles on the cast..."

i Newspaper, 1st January 2019

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