The Imitation Game. Image shows from L to R: Rory Bremner, Alexander Armstrong, Debra Stephenson. Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

The Imitation Game

ITV panel show involving impressions. 7 episodes (1 series) in 2018. Stars Alexander Armstrong, Rory Bremner and Debra Stephenson.

The Imitation Game. Image shows from L to R: Rory Bremner, Alexander Armstrong, Debra Stephenson. Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

The Games


In this round we invite our impressionists to tell us something that a named celeb would never say. Whether it's Donald Trump talking about his Muslim faith or Mary Berry discussing her new vajazzle - the voices definitely won't match the words...

Photo Captions

Our impressionists are given a photo of a celeb and invited to work out what the celeb may have been saying at the time. Gemma Collins holding a skull? "Alas poor Yorick, I think I shagged him."

Random Numbers

In this round we test the voices of our guests as they pick a song to sing. Then we choose what voice they should sing it in. Andy Murray's rendition of I'm So Excited, anyone? Or Katherine Jenkins' Common People?


A guessing game, where one impressionist reads extracts from the sayings of a celeb, but in a different voice, and the opposing team have to guess whose writings are being read. It might be Ricky Gervais reading Hugh Grant or Joanna Lumley read by Sarah Millican.

Your Voice or Mine

A special guest round, where either Debra or Rory is set up on a date with a celeb. The only problem is that first they have to identify said celeb from a line-up behind a screen - the celeb and two impressionists doing our best to fool her. To make things harder, they can only ask two questions. Can Debra pick out the real Christopher Biggins? Or can Rory identify the fake Kim Woodburn?

Talking Books

Our version of a fairy story, where an alternative version of a classic tale is read out in a series of celeb voices by one team, with the other team having to guess the link between those names.

Celebrity Zoo

A guessing game played within teams, with players having to identify an animal/celebrity hybrid from a photo of said animal and a series of clues read in the voice of the celeb. Owl Pacino? Dame Judi Tench? It all makes sense when you see it...

Lip Readers

A footage round where our impressionists provide alternative voices for a series of clips - ranging from our version of Harry and Meghan experiencing the delights of Wales to a leftfield imagining of a Donald Trump visit to NATO.

Celebrity Voicemail

We've hacked into a celebrity's voicemail, and our mimics will read out various messages left by other celebs calling in. The other team has to work out whose voicemail it is.

One Word Impressions

The ultimate test of our impressionist's skill, where, against the clock, they have to perform celebrity impressions in a single word (or sometimes less!) for their team-mate to guess.

Kids Write Movies

We've explained the plot of a few movies to a real bunch of seven year olds, and invited those kids to give us their version in dialogue form. We then ask two of our impressionists to perform that scene, and the other team try and guess what on earth the film is.

Miscast Movies

We've created a trailer for a movie, or recreated a famous scene, but we've recast it. Who doesn't want to see Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn's version of Fifty Shades of Grey? Or Kermit and Miss Piggy's interpretation of that scene from When Harry Met Sally?


Our final round involves our celeb guests performing a well known song in classic charity single style, by doing each line in a different celeb's voice flashed up on the screens behind them.

Published: Tuesday 28th August 2018