The Fosters. Sonny Foster (Lenny Henry). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

The Fosters

ITV sitcom about a black family. 27 episodes (2 series), 1976 - 1977. Stars Norman Beaton, Isabelle Lucas, Carmen Munroe, Lenny Henry and others.

Series 2

1. The Nude

First broadcast: Saturday 16th April 1977

Sonny is commissioned by an attractive new neighbour to paint a nude portrait of her as a gift for her husband's upcoming birthday.


2. Up In Arms

First broadcast: Saturday 23rd April 1977

With both father and son having been made redundant, Sonny makes a rash decision - he's going to enlist in the Army!


3. Give A Little Whistle

First broadcast: Saturday 30th April 1977

After an awful morning with far too many jobs on her plate and demands from the family, Pearl goes to work in a foul mood. A pleasant meal with her boss, however, soon turns the day around.


4. Take Your Partners

First broadcast: Saturday 7th May 1977

Sonny's fallen in love with his latest girlfriend and announces their intention to marry. But when neither of their sets of parents are supportive, the pair elope.


5. That Lovely Weekend

First broadcast: Saturday 14th May 1977

Pearl and Samuel's 20th wedding anniversary is just a couple of days away and he's arranged a surprise second honeymoon trip to celebrate.


6. The Family Business

First broadcast: Saturday 21st May 1977

The Fosters decide it's high time they put Samuel's electronic expertise to good use by starting their own repair business at home. Unfortuantely the council's tenancy rules prohibit such an endeavour in the flat.


7. The Bargain

First broadcast: Saturday 28th May 1977

Samuel's looking to get a car, but with only £100 to spend it looks like a big ask. Vilma, however, has a friend who may just be able to help.


8. The Diet

First broadcast: Saturday 4th June 1977

Pearl is spurred on to lose some weight after learning that an old flame from back home is visiting England, and realising just how thin she was when they last met.


9. Home And Away

First broadcast: Saturday 11th June 1977

With Samuel away watching cricket with friends in the north, the Foster household is split as all three kids - Sonny, Benjamin and Shirley - find love.


10. Who Needs Friends?

First broadcast: Saturday 18th June 1977

An old school friend of Samuel's, Charley, pays a visit and makes his presence keenly felt. The Fosters feel they have to warn the woman he's hoping to marry.


11. That's My Boy

First broadcast: Saturday 25th June 1977

Sonny's struggling to keep a job, and there's a night of little sleep in the flat - particularly for poor, beleaguered Sammy!


12. The Family Way

First broadcast: Saturday 2nd July 1977

Pearl's unwell and Samuel heads to the doctor to collect the results of some tests she's recently had done. It's soon him feeling under the weather when he discovers she's pregnant!


13. The House Guest

First broadcast: Saturday 9th July 1977

Is the flat haunted? After some odd bumps in the night, Sonny certainly thinks so. Vilma arranges for one of their neighbours, Mrs. Pugh, a medium, to talk to them...


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