The Fosters. Sonny Foster (Lenny Henry). Copyright: London Weekend Television.

The Fosters

ITV sitcom about a black family. 27 episodes (2 series), 1976 - 1977. Stars Norman Beaton, Isabelle Lucas, Carmen Munroe, Lenny Henry and others.

Series 1

1. Sex And The Black Community

First broadcast: Friday 9th April 1976

Shirley is causing her parents worry by dating a man five years older than her. Samuel Foster doesn't want his 16 year-old daughter going out with older boys who might lead her astray! He has no such concerns over the activities of son Sonny though, even after finding a book entitled 'Sex And The Black Community'!


2. My Son The Lover

First broadcast: Friday 16th April 1976

Sonny Foster's gift as a portrait painter pays off when the prettiest girl in the school sits for him. And, like many an artist, Sonny falls madly in love with his beautiful model.


3. God's Business Is Good Business

First broadcast: Friday 23rd April 1976

One of Samuel's old friends arrives unexpectedly at the flat - and he's now a flashy, successful American preacher. But are his motives wholly honest, and will Samuel take up his offer of work? After all, they first met as hardcore gamblers...


4. The Check Up

First broadcast: Friday 30th April 1976

The Foster family have a problem convincing Dad that he needs to see a doctor. The children think their father's emotional outbursts and headaches are symptoms of hypertension.


5. Black Jesus

First broadcast: Friday 7th May 1976

Samuel's luck changes when Benjamin hangs Sonny's painting of Jesus on the wall.


6. The Man I Most Admire

First broadcast: Friday 14th May 1976

Benjamin is faced with quite a problem. He has to write an essay for his homework on "The Man I Most Admire". There are a couple of obvious candidates, but daily stresses take their toll and give him second thoughts...


7. Situations Vacant

First broadcast: Friday 21st May 1976

An opportunity arises to join the staff of a fashionable department store. Samuel thinks that all his troubles could be over as his dream of becoming a white-collar worker has arrived.


8. Sonny Gets A Patron

First broadcast: Friday 28th May 1976

Sonny Foster, the young Rembrandt of South London, attracts the attention of a patron who offers him his own studio.


9. Buy Now Pay Later

First broadcast: Friday 4th June 1976

The Foster family finances are already over-stretched. But when blind door-to-door salesman Andrew Henderson offers them the 'History of the Black People' in 10 volumes, they are sorely tempted.


10. The Windfall

First broadcast: Friday 11th June 1976

Samuel discovers a paper bag full of thousands of pounds, apparently dumped after a local supermarket robbery. The community is incensed at his decision to return £12,000 to the shop - but he's not so bothered.


11. Over The Hill

First broadcast: Friday 18th June 1976

Samuel Foster is chosen for a Government retraining scheme, so spends what would've been their rent money on hosting a fancy party. Then he discovers the scheme has an upper age limit...


12. The Matchmaker

First broadcast: Friday 25th June 1976

Pearl turns matchmaker when she decides it's high time for her old school friend and neighbour Vilma to remarry. The arrival of Samuel's handsome friend Erroll Burns provides her with an ideal opening.


13. Benjamin's Rebellion

First broadcast: Friday 2nd July 1976

Rebellious Benjamin Foster is sent home from school for being insolent.


New Year Special: New Year With The Fosters

First broadcast: Saturday 1st January 1977

The Fosters think they're hard up, but when they discover on New Year's Eve that an elderly neighbour has resorted to eating dog food, they resolve to do what they can to help.


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The first sitcom written both for and starring black actors, The Fosters showcased the early work of Lenny Henry (riding high on a recent win in talent series New Faces) as the budding artist son of easygoing family man Samuel Foster (Norman Beaton, who would go on to gain fame...