The Detectives. Image shows from L to R: Dave Briggs (Robert Powell), Bob Louis (Jasper Carrott). Copyright: Celador Productions.

The Detectives

BBC One sitcom about incompetent detectives. 31 episodes (5 series), 1993 - 1997. Stars Jasper Carrott, Robert Powell and George Sewell.

The Detectives - Complete Collection

The Detectives - Complete Collection

The complete five series of the much underrated Jasper Carrott sitcom The Detectives; Louis & Briggs (Carrot and Robert Powell) are without a doubt the most inept people to have ever been on the payroll of the Metropolitan Police - and that includes the cleaning staff!

First released: Monday 12th November 2007

This particular product has been discontinued. However, you may still be able to find second-hand copies.

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