The Day Today. Chris Morris. Copyright: TalkbackThames.

The Day Today

BBC Two sketch show about the news. 7 episodes (pilot + 1 series) in 1994. Stars Chris Morris, Steve Coogan, Doon Mackichan, Rebecca Front and others.

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10 satire shows we need back on our TV screens

It's fair to say that we don't have much satire on TV at the moment. So, are we really beyond satire now? Have things become too surreal? Well, I'm not so sure. In no particular order, here are ten shows that I think need a revival in these turbulent times.

Rhianna Evans, Super Ink, 7th August 2019

Doon Mackichan interview

Doon Mackichan on starring in David Mamet's #MeToo play Bitter Wheat: 'People might walk out, disgusted'. The comedy star also talks about roles for women and why a Smack The Pony reunion isn't happening but why a The Day Today one could be on the cards.

i Newspaper, 19th June 2019

Forgotten Comedies: The Day Today

The Day Today was satire at its finest. You'd think that twenty-five years later this TV show, satirising events of the mid-nineties for just one series, wouldn't have much to offer to a modern audience. But thanks to great writing, it still feels fresh and modern and its style is still being emulated!

Rhianna Evans, Super Ink, 31st January 2019

The Day Today is still predicting the future of TV news

"It's a programme designed to knock current affairs broadcasting off its axis," the Radio Times wrote in 1994, "then blow a hole in its spluttering head". It did nothing of the sort.

Jude Rogers, The New Statesman, 22nd January 2019

How The Day Today could have been made for 2019

When The Day Today was first broadcast on 19 January 1994, its rambunctious, attention-demanding presentation and news items on 'bomb dogs' the theft of the pound and wild horses running amok on the London Underground was obvious satire. But revisiting Chris Morris' sharp-as-a-tack spoof today, the lines somehow blur.

Alex Nelson, i Newspaper, 17th January 2019

How The Day Today changed satire forever

25 years ago, Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci's uproarious news spoof unleashed Fake News on the world (not to mention Alan Partridge).

Phil Harrison, The Guardian, 17th January 2019

Definitive guide to British comedy since Fawlty Towers

The British are coming, and they want to invade your television. With ... laughter.

Devon Ivie, Vulture, 21st November 2018

39 of the best quotes from The Day Today & Brass Eye

The Day Today and Brass Eye were both amazingly subversive satires, upending the news and current affairs of the day in gloriously silly - and sometimes controversial - style.

i Newspaper, 28th March 2018

10 reasons why Alan Partridge is the perfect life-coach

Hard as it is to believe, it was 25 years ago that Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge first aired on Radio 4.

Mark Monahan, The Telegraph, 28th November 2017

Gallery: 20 politically incorrect 'modern' comedies

Here are 20 recent comedies that wouldn't have been green-lit today.

Ed Power, The Telegraph, 17th October 2017