The Crystal Cube

BBC Two sketch show. 1 pilot in 1983. Stars Robbie Coltrane, Arthur Bostrom, Fanny Carby, Roy Heather, John Savident, Paul Shearer, Stephen Fry and others.

The Crystal Cube - Part 1

The first part of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie's 1983 mockumentary pilot.

Featuring: Stephen Fry (Dr. Adrian Cowlacey and other parts), Hugh Laurie (Max Belhaven and other parts), Emma Thompson (Jackie Meld and other parts), Robbie Coltrane (Martin Bealey), Arthur Bostrom (Gareth Gamma 0001), Fanny Carby (Mrs. Gamma 0001), Roy Heather (Mr. Gamma 0001), John Savident (The Bishop of Horley, The Very Reverend Previous Lockhort), Paul Shearer (Mike Liam).

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