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The Comic Strip Presents...

Channel 4 and BBC Two and Gold comedy drama series of satires. 41 episodes (pilot + 5 series), 1982 - 2016. Stars Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer, Peter Richardson and others.

The Comic Strip Presents - Completely Bad News

The Comic Strip Presents - Completely Bad News

The Comic Strip Presents... BAD NEWS!

Four hairy musos with a dream to be the next Motorhead. Sure, they have musical differences - all great bands do. But with Colin's PA, Vim's old transit van and the entire back line stacked on HP, what could possibly go wrong? Chart success, adoring fans and excess all areas, it can only be GOOD News surely!

Then the unexpected happens. Bad News get picked by Channel 4 television for a fly on the wall documentary about a metal band's quest to make the big time. The film when first broadcast caused immediate outrage not just with metal fans who thought it was "far too heavy", but the band got condemned by the music press who declared them: "the worst thing since Showaddywaddy" or as one smart arse critic wrote "this isn't Metal, it's Heavy Lead".

First released: Friday 25th October 2019


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