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The Comic Strip Presents...

Channel 4 and BBC Two and Gold comedy drama series of satires. 41 episodes (pilot + 5 series), 1982 - 2016. Stars Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer, Peter Richardson and others.

Series 5

1. Detectives On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown

First broadcast: Thursday 22nd April 1993

In a sequel to feature film spin-off The Bullshitters, Bonehead and Foyle are called in to solve a 70s-style murder. Unfortunately, so are 70s detectives Shouting George of The Weeney and Jason Bentley of Department Z, and 90s Northern detective Dave Spanker.


2. Space Virgins From Planet Sex

First broadcast: Thursday 29th April 1993

Beautiful space aliens on a mission to repopulate their planet use their feminine wiles to capture healthy, intelligent specimens of Earthmen as sex slaves. It's up to decidedly non-feminist secret agent James Blond to shut down the Space Rats' baby factory and free Earth men from unspeakable sexual oppression.


3. Queen Of The Wild Frontier

First broadcast: Thursday 6th May 1993

Two prisoners excape from a transport as the van crosses over the moors. They stumble across the isolated home of Fiona and Susie who are not the lesbian couple that they first appear. The pair in fact have devious plans for our two innocent male interlopers...


4. Gregory - Diary Of A Nutcase

First broadcast: Thursday 13th May 1993

In this The Silence Of The Lambs parody, a rookie police cadet falls prey to the sexual allure of imprisoned cannibalistic serial killer Dr Ghengis. Meanwhile, aspiring serial killer Gregory Dawson makes a video diary of his botched attempts to stalk and imprison a woman in his homemade torture chamber.


5. Demonella

First broadcast: Thursday 20th May 1993

A struggling music producer accepts a song from the Devil that is guaranteed to win him riches and fame. In exchange, he must obtain his mother's top-secret chicken soup recipe so the Devil can impress snooty dinner guests in Hell.


6. Jealousy

First broadcast: Thursday 27th May 1993

John's insane jealousy impels him to spy on his wife's every move and, although he tries to conquer the obsession, he is tortured by the thought that she is having an affair. He adopts a series of ludicrous disguises in order to follow his wife wherever she goes.