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The Comic Strip Presents...

Channel 4 and BBC Two and Gold comedy drama series of satires. 41 episodes (pilot + 5 series), 1982 - 2016. Stars Adrian Edmondson, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer, Peter Richardson and others.

Series 2

Special: Five Go Mad On Mescalin

First broadcast: Wednesday 2nd November 1983

While on their way to stay with Mrs French at Hot Turkey Farm, the intrepid youngsters learn that their Uncle Quentin, a well-known scientist and homosexual, has escaped from prison.


1. Dirty Movie

First broadcast: Saturday 7th January 1984

Cinema manager Terry Toadstool has a plan to watch a porno movie at 9am, but certain people are out to thwart him.


2. Susie

First broadcast: Saturday 14th January 1984

In a quiet village, a teacher is about to leave her husband for her lover, but the triangle is disturbed by the arrival of an ageing rock star.


3. A Fistful Of Travellers' Cheques

First broadcast: Saturday 21st January 1984

Two students go to Spain to do the 'whole spaghetti western thing' and run into a series of disparate and desperate characters.


4. Gino - Full Story And Pics

First broadcast: Saturday 28th January 1984

The story of Gino the delinquent and Angie the party girl who, due to an excess of drink and drugs, passes out in the back of his taxi.


5. Eddie Monsoon - A Life?

First broadcast: Saturday 4th February 1984

A television biography of the most offensive TV star South Africa has ever produced, played by Adrian Edmondson.


6. Slags

First broadcast: Saturday 11th February 1984

In the not-too distant future, the evil Slags confront the 'nice' Hawaiians, who control with goodwill and flower garlands, in a story of passion and shadowy violence.