Terry & June. Image shows from L to R: Terry Medford (Terry Scott), June Medford (June Whitfield). Copyright: BBC.

Terry & June

BBC One sitcom about a middle-aged couple. 65 episodes (9 series), 1979 - 1987. Stars Terry Scott, June Whitfield, Terence Alexander, Tim Barrett and others.

Series 1

1. Long Weekend

First broadcast: Wednesday 24th October 1979

Terry and June are moving to Purley but plan to redecorate the house before moving in - until they learn of the sinister reputation of their new home.


2. On The Move

First broadcast: Wednesday 31st October 1979

When it comes to moving house, Terry once again bites off more than he can chew.


3. Flying Carpets

First broadcast: Wednesday 7th November 1979

Terry gets into a lather when a new carpet arrives just before a visit from his boss. The neighbours help him precipitate a possible disaster.


4. A Bridge Too Far

First broadcast: Wednesday 14th November 1979

Terry's company chairman needs a new bridge partner, so, with the future in mind, Terry and June give themselves a crash course in the game.


5. Writing On The Wall

First broadcast: Wednesday 21st November 1979

What have an outbreak of graffiti and a children's fancy-dress parade got in common? Can it be Terry?


6. Animal Crackers

First broadcast: Wednesday 28th November 1979

When June volunteers to look after a neighbour's dog for a week, Terry discovers that man's best friend can often prove fickle.


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Terry & June - The Complete Collection

Terry & June - The Complete Collection DVD

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For millions of viewers, Terry and June became synonymous with the happily-married, middle aged suburban couple. The bumbling, sometimes pompous, sometimes sympathetic Terry found a perfect foil in June, his understanding but doubting wife....