Taskmaster. Image shows from L to R: Greg Davies, Alex Horne. Copyright: Avalon Television.


Channel 4 and Dave comedy show setting comedians tasks. 95 episodes (11 series), 2015 - 2021. Stars Greg Davies, Alex Horne, Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner and others.

Another series is in development.
Series 1, Episode 3 is repeated on Dave on Monday at 12:20am.

Taskmaster. Iain Stirling. Copyright: Avalon Television.

Series 8, Episode 2 - A Novel About Russian Gulags

Lou Sanders displays some unusual facial hair, Iain Stirling's beatboxing causes him some problems and Paul Sinha shows off his full acting range. As usual, Alex Horne provides data analysis in his role as the Taskmaster's private secretary and live-in companion.

Further details

Prize task: Best pair of things.

* Sian Gibson: Shirley Bassey's pop socks. - 5
* Iain Stirling: A song from Dick & Dom. - 4
* Paul Sinha: A housewarming gift from his parents: a picture from China of two pandas which appear to be having sex. - 4
* Lou Sanders: A pair of slippers shaped like breasts, with radios attached to them with rubber bands. - 3
* Joe Thomas: A pair of fake diamond earrings. - 1

Task 1: Put something on your face which looks like a moustache from a long distance away, but when you get up close you realise it is something completely different to what you thought. You have ten minutes to plan your moustache, and ten further minutes to make your moustache. Most unexpected moustache wins. Your time starts now.

* Paul: Glued-on caviar. - 5
* Lou: Fake flies and real mealworms. - 4
* Joe: Pictures of moustaches. - 3
* Iain: A map containing the Hampshire village of Liphook and a small picture of his face. - 2
* Sian: Fake hair from a Barbie doll and lots of pictures of Alex. - 1

Task 2: Get this rice into the bottle in the living room. You may only use the shopping basket and its contents to transport and deliver the rice. You may not touch the rice with anything other than the shopping basket and its contents. You may not take the bottle out of the living room. Most grains in the bottle wins. You have ten minutes. Your time starts now.

* Joe: 85% - 5
* Lou: 79% - 4
* Iain: 74% - 3
* Sian: 28% - 2
* Paul: Disqualified for touching the rice with his hands and taking the bottle out of the living room, but then given a bonus point for the polite manner he takes his disqualification. - 1

Task 3 (Team Task): Tell your teammates what is in this chest. Your teammate(s) must not see what is in the chest. After reading the task out you may not speak again until the task is over. In the first minute you may only use facial expressions. In the second minute you may only make noises. In the third minute you may only shout adjectives. From then on you may only whisper verbs. Fastest correct communication wins. Your time starts now.

* Joe and Sian (The Actors): Under two minutes. - 3
* Iain, Lou and Paul (The Comedians): 2:04 - 2

Task 4: Travel the furthest distance while making a constant noise with your mouth. You must start travelling in 30 seconds from now. Furthest wins.

* Joe: 98m - 5
* Lou: 39.9m - 4
* Sian: 38.1m - 3
* Paul: 22m - 2
* Iain: 1m - 1

Live task: Say a species of bird, eat a grape and then shout a competitor's name, within five seconds of hearing your own name. If you fail to say a different species or bird, pop a grape in your mouth and shout a competitor's name within five seconds of hearing your own name, you will be eliminated. You must not say any bird which has previously been said during the task. Last remaining player wins.

* Paul - 5
* Lou - 4
* Joe - 3
* Sian - 2
* Iain - 1

Final scores

* Lou - 21
* Joe - 20
* Paul - 19
* Sian - 16
* Iain - 13

Broadcast details

Wednesday 15th May 2019
60 minutes

Cast & crew

Regular cast
Greg Davies Host / Presenter
Alex Horne Host / Presenter
Iain Stirling Self
Joe Thomas Self
Lou Sanders Self
Paul Sinha Self
Sian Gibson Self
Guest cast
Richard McCourt (as Dick & Dom) Self
Dominic Wood (as Dick & Dom) Self
Writing team
Alex Horne Writer
Production team
Andy Devonshire Series Director
Andy Cartwright Series Producer
Richard Allen-Turner Executive Producer
James Taylor Executive Producer
Jon Thoday Executive Producer
Hilary Rosen Executive Producer
Rob Aslett Executive Producer
Andy Devonshire Executive Producer
Alex Horne Executive Producer


Sian Gibson & Joe Thomas awkward meeting

In this clip the contestants are set the team task of describing what's inside a box without speaking. This results in a very awkward meeting between Joe Thomas and Sian Gibson, and then some odd facial expressions from Joe.

Featuring: Greg Davies, Alex Horne, Iain Stirling, Joe Thomas, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha, Sian Gibson.

Lou Sanders & Iain Stirlings' long distance moustache

Lou Sanders and Iain Stirling give it their best shot at fooling Taskmaster Greg Davies with something that looks like a moustache from far away. What do Lou and Iain decide to use? Does Greg guess it correctly?

Featuring: Greg Davies, Alex Horne, Iain Stirling, Joe Thomas, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha, Sian Gibson.


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